Stone fruits



I found out about a year ago that I am allergic to stone fruits.  I brought a sandwich bag of cherries to work and by the last cherry I could barely see and was itchy from my throat all the way to the back of ears.  After some internet research, I found that being allergic to stone fruits is a common allergy to develop later in life.  Peaches often made me feel equally itchy, but I believed it was because of the fuzzy skin which is more likely to retain pesticide residual, even after a thorough washing.  No, it’s because it’s a stone fruit as well.  Every one of my favorite fruits is a stone fruit, and I can enjoy them no longer.

I came home the other day to a beautiful bowl piled high with Rainier cherries.  B seemed so please, knowing I love fresh fruit, but alas, I had either never told him about this newfound aversion, or I told him when he was preoccupied and he never retained it.  I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it another shot, maybe it was something else entirely.  Sure enough, one cherry in and I had a bitter taste in my throat for hours and an itch in my face and throat through the night.  Sad, sad day.

Enjoy your cherries as long as you can!



Some changes

Every year I age, I become more adept at sensing change – changes in myself, changes in the world around me, or the opposite of change, a rut, a need for change, new challenges and roadblocks and joys and fears.

“Some changes happen deep down inside of you.  And the truth is, only you know about them.” Judy Blume said that.

I feel myself changing deep down.  Not in any noticeable way, or tangible way.  I feel as though my bones are harder, my sensibilities keener, a sharpen in everything around me.  I’m preparing to leave this place.  I’ve outgrown it and the next few months here will feel like walking around in overalls six sizes too small.  I used to love when I first lived here, going to the grocery store in the worst shape and not caring because you didn’t know a soul in town.  Now, I can’t even go to the gas station without seeing someone I know.  I don’t want that – a lot of my time in public is spent dodging people I know, and that’s a fact.

After Bryan graduates, we will have maxed out our opportunities in this college town.  We will be leaving with two Bachelors and a Masters degree, a dog, a marriage, and the best memories.  I never want to stop reflecting on these changes in my life, I never want to hide them or fight them or fear them.  This will be my ninth year here and I know when my soul needs a good ol’ classic shakedown.


My love hate relationship with Refinery 29

Any gal with good taste knows Refinery 29 is a wonderful resource for health tips, news, and style.  Following them on Pinterest made it even easier to pick and choose what articles I want to read instead of cruising their homepage throughout the day.  Let’s be honest, I’m most likely already on Pinterest, so that makes one less website to worry about.

Okay, so I love Refinery 29.

But some of their copy is downright idiotic, and I’m already planning a follow-up post about how out of hand the term DIY has become.


Today, I read a Refinery 29 article called “8 Gross Beauty Problems (We’re Going There!)”.  It’s obviously an intriguing prospect, but it fell completely short of real problems that are so gross that we should be shocked that they are “going there”.  They discussed problems like sties, the female mustache, and cysts.  Cysts!  So many of the problems were things that everybody experiences, and sties and cysts are part of being a human, not having a beauty problem.


So this post is for the one problem they left out, the problem plaguing all women on a hot summer day who proudly lack the thigh gap – chafing.  Things are about to get real ladies.

Chafing can happen anywhere from the thighs to the armpits and in between (the boobs, in case that wasn’t clear).  I’m a huge fan of finding the best solution for chafing and science never lies – silicone or petroleum jellies, or powder.  I’m not interested in smelling like an old lady or a baby, so the products above from LUSH are really the greatest things ever.

They also have multiple uses – dust them on your pillows for a dose of aromatherapy at bedtime, or use them as actual deodorant instead of the typical antiperspirant you are using.   I also have the dry shampoo from LUSH and really, because their products are fresh made and completely natural, any of them can be used as dry shampoo, or chafing powder, or linen freshener.

Check them out if you have this actual gross, don’t-go-there problem called summer chafing.

And be warned, Refinery 29 and I will have more words soon – some words of love, others not so much.



Watch Bob’s Burgers



I’ve had a bad attitude today.  Just a sour, salty day.

But tomorrow has the potential to be exponentially better, so there’s no use dwelling.  Plus, a bad day at work is immediately remedied by being off of work, it’s that simple – and any real problem is rarely that simple to solve.

In home office news, I got an old model of the DYMO hand embossing label maker from an Etsy seller in South Korea a few months ago, and they are the cutest little things.  But be warned if you are in the market – they are not that adhesive.  I am now researching the market for some better quality tape that hopefully sticks better.

Until then, I’ll ooh and aah by labeling random things that need no labeling.


Pickle Gill, that’s me!


Haley snapped this picture of me in my denim smock dress from Asos a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes I remind myself of a kewpie doll.


Making the most of it

I’m making the most of summer.  We are planning a yard sale for the end of the season, and it has felt amazing to really assess what we need and what we can do without.  Planning a move makes it easy – all we have to do is ask ourself “is it worth moving” and the answer is usually no.

Making of the most of it means adorable swivel sticks in freshly shaken summer cocktails.


Making the most of it means Sundays poolside with friends and their babies.  (and hooray for the ascension of the plus size bikini – fuck your body standards.)

Making the most of it means making the most of lunch breaks with this cute little bugger.


Here’s to making the most of summers, even when the excitement of childlike abandon during this season is somewhat tampered.


Doll Baby

The idea to send an egg carton of doll heads to a friend was easy, and picking Emily to send it to was even easier.

I thrift a lot so collecting the doll heads was easy – fifty cents here and there.  I just felt bad for their poor bodies, thrown away headless and completely defeated.

IMG_3133Those front brunette gals are twins, which was not even intentional.  They must come from some generic-Barbie-knockoff nightmare.  I really wanted to accessorize with the cute cowboy doll hat, so I decided to gore it up a bit and jam it in the big bald baby head – she’s the queen bitch.

IMG_3150It was quite tricky to attach everything for shipping, but my junk jar had plenty of assistance to give.  The rubber band helped a lot.


My desk felt like a crime scene, but more like a plastic-hair-and-plastic-shavings-instead-of-blood crime scene.  I just had to play that out before sending these doll babies to my doll baby Emily.


Craft night nailed.



That Vitamin C song


Remember that Vitamin C song that was played at every high school graduation or dance in the 2000s?  Imagine that humming in the background of this post.  Because it is the last graduation post I’ll probably ever write.



I pulled out party supplies from the new Oh Joy line at Target (check out her blog, she is a wonderfully adorable and creative woman!).  We had balloons with crudeness all over them and a big Congratulations banner sprawled across our living room.  B barbecued a pork butt all day, and by dinner time, it positively crumbled it was so tender.


We sat in the yard, played games, drank, smoke and laughed.  People came and went all day and most people ended the night at a house show for From Aunts to Uncles, a band full of friends, including Matt above.  Bryan went with everyone to that while I stayed home for my favorite part, the dishes and cleanup.  It’s such a nice unwind after having people around all day and as nerdy as it sounds, I love it.


Haley had her brother and parents and aunts in town, and I’m always happy to take advantage of these moments to get to know my friends’ family when they are from so far away.  I take that for granted, knowing everyone’s parents because we come from the same hometown.  Haley’s family is from Pocatello and further, so the few times I get to spend time with them is always a good, good time.



My friend Bri loves me the most because she wore her party hat the longest.


Liz is in San Antonio, Connie is soon off to Beijing, Bri went back to Boise, Matt and Eric are going to Alaska for a summer job, and Nick will be spending the fall in Thailand.  I wonder if this time of year will ever not be associated with saying goodbye.