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Pop Culture Whore

My consumption of pop culture has manifested itself over the years in strange ways.  I sing songs in my head and out loud, if my current setting reminds me of a movie or television show when that specific song played.  If someone says anything that resembles a quote from one of my favorites, I’ll seamlessly reply with a comeback that the person assumes is from me but instead was written by professional Hollywood authors.

Another strange and wonderful side affect of my neuroses?  Well, let me show you.

Have you ever seen the movie Prometheus?  I love that movie and it actually turned me onto the Alien series of movies for the first time.  I had never seen them before and after watching Prometheus and loving it, Bryan made sure I saw every Alien movie before it so that I had the best, well-rounded education on the matter.  You know, in case we ever have to head off into space seeking our creators.

Recently, I was re-watching Prometheus for probably the 12th time.  If you haven’t seen it, a short back story: arrogant human beings aboard the ship Prometheus are looking for the origins of humankind.  As with all of the movies in the Alien “saga”, there are common character elements: a few researchers and scientists, some sort of shady corporate involvement that not everyone is aware of except one or two on board, and (my favorite), the robot.  Each robot character provides the viewer with an outside perspective of just how arrogant we are for seeking answers through colonization and force.

Then this beautiful exchange happened on screen and in my head; David, the robot, and Dr. Shaw are going to continue on into space looking for the answer they failed to obtain during the length of the movie.  David, with his politely infuriating way of asking impossible questions, gets owned big time.

David 1David 2David 3David 4David 5David 6David 7David 8


It was unreasonably funny to me and I just had to share.


Prints to Love Forever


I often joke that I’m a ‘hater’ because I have no problem spouting off the things I don’t like.  This does not mean I have hate in my heart, because it usually revolves around superficial things and my mind is never unchangeable.

I hate when people start petty fights on the internet for the world to see.  I hate when people with proven horrible taste suddenly adopt something wonderful because it’s been trendy long enough to be dumbed down for their consumption.  And I hate bold, thick chevron design and the gross amount of exposure I’ve had to it since Pinterest came into our lives.  Hilariously, my list about pattern hatreds could go on forever.

Enter Thief and Bandit, the designer of the most gorgeous prints I’ve ever seen.

Oh where to begin with Amie and her thriving small business.  What a gorgeous woman she is, inside and out.  I take a lot of pride in my pieces from Thief and Bandit because I know that her and her husband work hard on each piece while also keeping a beautiful home and raising adorable boys!  I can’t remember where I first heard about them, but I bought my first pillow case cover from her about two years ago.  Now, six pillows later, and I’m in serious love with her newest prints.



It is rare to find multiple bold prints that can be put out front and center without clashing, but there’s something wild and beautifully different about these.  Because I see what Amie and her husband do as the most wonderful form of art, usable art, I appreciate that she takes the time to create new unique prints that are going to be loved forever.


I highly recommend checking out Amie’s shop.  She made four of my six pillow covers custom to fit the pillows I had and was really easy to communicate with.  Also, I really love that she ships from Canada for a decent price and they arrive quite fast once they send.



Just a little glimpse into some new happiness around the house!

Seven Years of Lotion


I started to write this as “six years of lotion” then realized it may be closer to “eight years of lotion”, so I settled on seven years of lotion.

It’s a wonder the things that bring about nostalgia and an intense yearning or homesickness for nothing in particular and everything altogether.  Two days ago, I finished a gigantic pump container of Philosophy’s Falling in Love fragrance lotion that my mom bought me approximately seven years ago.  Falling in Love is my signature perfume, and finding the gigantic bottle of lotion when I got home from college one weekend from my mom was an awesome treat.

A few notes on me before I continue – first, if someone gives me a lotion, and I know it’s full of fragrance and alcohol and has no actual moisturizing properties, I will still use it to the last drop.  Even if I hate the smell of it, I will still use it.  Second, if I really like a lotion or fragrance, I tend to savor the product and use it mostly for special occasions.  My routine daily body moisturizer of choice is straight up coconut oil.


My mom’s gift fell into the second category above, a lotion I loved so much that I savored it.  For seven years.  This last week, I was using it more often, and found myself pounding the bottom of the container on a surface to pump out just a couple more drops each day.  And then, it was over.  We can truly make any instance into a symbolic memory, because I may never forget throwing out that giant piece of plastic, with the signature philosophy on the front.

I’ve moved that bottle throughout six or more different addresses, worn it on date nights and Boys Club Prom nights.  Every time I put it on, I think of my mom.  These are important moments that are linked to smell, which really is the strongest form of memory.


Now that the moment has passed, I’m shaking off that romantic nostalgia that such a silly thing as finishing a bottle of lotion can arouse.  But I once read that “gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.” (Melody Beattie)  Nostalgia, after all, is gratitude for your memories.

The Addams Family *snap* *snap*

Pop Culture Whore

Where to begin with The Addams Family.  I used to watch it on Nick at Nite, along with the Munsters, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie.  Perhaps that is where my love of the occult and magic comes from – pop culture made it accessible to us without being about satanic worship and burning at the stake.  I remember reading the Crucible in high school and realizing how much the world has changed, how things that are different or foreign to us are not always perceived in a negative light.  Although, my father made it obvious how some minds never broaden or open up – upon hearing my love of reading tarot cards, which I’ve been doing since I was 14, he was appalled, shocked, and obviously confused.

I write this not to categorize myself in any way, but to highlight the things that interest me, and make me tick.  Sure, Ashley and I bought a spellbook from the New Age section at Hastings when we were young, and yes, I believe anything is possible and have faith in the vast unknown.  This is about the movies I continuously revisit, like The Addams Family.

Angelica Houston and Christopher Lloyd are enough reason to see this movie.  I believe all parents should screen it to children today in hopes they get a peak at a movie message that is as old as storytelling itself – family is most important.  With that, I present you some screen captures of my favorite moments in The Addams Family, ones that show the beauty of the cinematography for what could easily have been a forgotten tale.

This is up there with jokes I didn’t get as a child – Granny is cooking with Joy of Cooking and Gray’s Anatomy.  What a bad bitch.


This woman is perfection incarnate, and I will see any movie that shows her beauty and strength as a matriarch.

pugsleyandwednesdayThis shot exemplifies my favorite relationship in the movie, between siblings Pugsley and Wednesday.  They torture each other, light each other on fire, and sword fight.  But they also love each other and have such a passionate faith in their family’s resilience.  Plus, the floors in this shot are stunning, making me wish I got to live in the Addams mansion.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky.





I find myself curating small collections throughout my home, putting bits together.  I’ve always collected buddhas, and seeing them all smile together makes me giggle.  My bigger buddha is by the front door for daily belly rubbing.


Some of my favorites right by my vanity where I get ready in the morning.  The drawing at the bottom was done by my friend Kim for my Bachelorette Party (it’s highly offenseive, just like me), the picture is from Boys Club Prom 4, and the embroidery is from Ashley (we both have pretty cute butts).


B’s slow-roasted pork tacos are to die for and our new discovery of broccoli slaw is the perfect topper.  I usually dislike coleslaws of any kind, but this broccoli slaw tossed in vinegars and lime juice is exactly what I always wanted a slaw to be.


My newest necklace, from the beautiful shop Is Was + Will Be.  The tiny geometric stones and the deep blue beads makes this necklace perfect for days where I rolled out of bed, and my outfit is boring, and my hair is in a ballerina bun and I just need something to make me feel special.  It’s especially good for layering or even wrapping around as a bracelet.


It’s the little bits in life that get you through.

We blinked.


I’ve been gone awhile, from this public space that I hold quite dear.  After a close friend passed, I posted on my blog and quickly deleted it.  I was afraid – afraid to admit it was real, afraid to put such a sad thought out into the world.  It felt good to post.  It felt good to delete.

And that’s what I’ve been doing the last month.  Posting, deleting, moving, adjusting, feeling, getting stronger.  Jordan Weber was an unbelievable young man, and a friend we never thought we’d have to live without.  He was very smart, and deep – conversations with him were intoxicating.  The way he spoke was soothing and engaging.  Hugging him was warmth and love.  Then, at 26 years old, he died.  To say “out of nowhere” would be a vast understatement, for we blinked, and he was gone.  No health issues, no precursors or signs.

I had to properly grieve before I wrote.  The memorial was last weekend, and being with his family and our friends, and Meredith, his love, my love.  Everything crossed my mind – what if it had been Bryan, how would I react, how would I go on?  I already happen to imagine the worst possible circumstance on any given occasion, so that behavior intensified with such a sudden loss.

But I can feel myself healing.  One of the many plagues of youth is that we look for the answer to everything, or believe we have the answer to everything, or even think there are answers at all.  There are no answers, no reasons.  Too many things cannot be explained and embracing that is bringing me calm. JayBryanJillAshley

(Ashley, Jordan, Bryan and me)

So I’m back for now.  And trying to be happy.

Sunny and frigid cold



(Prom was so good this year, I feel rejuvenated.)

Life seems sunny lately, maybe because savoring that extra twenty minutes of dim lighting at the end of the day is all we have to get through the end of winter.  This time of year always feels long in this community, and yet nobody tires of talking about it.  We are comrades in the snow and wind, friends in our layers of clothing and ugly, comfortable, warm shoes.  The end of winter is in sight and even with my apocalyptic obsessions, I still feel at peace that I can always count on that.  It can’t be cold like this forever.  And, if it ever is cold like this forever, I’ll just learn to count on that instead.  I am hardheaded but adaptable.



(She’s watching birds. If she were our human child, I would buy her some bird watching books for sure.)

Pearl awaits the summer, knowing her walks will increase exponentially as the thermometer ticks higher and higher.  I scored a vintage wool blanket I’ve been hawk-eyeing all over the online-secondhand-world and found it in the least likely of places!  In my dad’s shop, strewn alongside what a blind eye would call “junk”.  It’s in near perfect condition, it was free, and Pearl has the utmost respect for it.  My thrifting heart pitter-patters at such a gem.

IMG_1906(Boys Club picture backdrop – many past backdrops were barely internet-appropriate, so I was glad to have a classy one this year)

Did you know I carry around a notebook?  It’s sort of my savior, my bible, my everything, an extension of my mind and hands and eyes and ears and heart.  There are boring things in there, errands and projects to complete, but there are also crazy, wonderful things in there.  My notebooks make me proud of who I am.  I have never saved a finished notebook – partially because they get mutilated in the process of completing tasks and crossing things off, but mostly because it’s a part of me that is so vulnerable, fluid, spontaneous, and curious, and I want to keep it that way.  I suspect years from now I won’t understand the scribbles, or really care who “Brodie” was and why I needed to e-mail her about free editing (an example of such scribbles).  Preserving is part of my nature, and I keep excellent records.  But my notebooks, the information is redistributed and they are thrown away.  Maybe it’s a quirk, an extension of my fear of losing ideas and thoughts, but I will go ahead and be crazy and just say: I love my notebook.

Moving on.


(These two, amirite?)

I’m already planning for the rest of the Spring now that the wedding and honeymoon are finished.  But damn, doesn’t B look insanely handsome with a wedding band?  Soon, a trip to Portland with Haley to see Emily, then planning the last graduation BBQ celebration we will have in Moscow and it’s going to be better than the ones before!  Stay tuned, stay warm.


Boys Club 6 slash forever


IMG_2905It came and went as fast as our time in Moscow has.  The theme was roughly “End of an Era” – soon we will all be gone from here, off to graduate schools and jobs and new places.  The only thing ever keeping us here was school, and each other.

Ashley and Destry flew in from Tennessee, Emily flew in from Portland, and all was seriously right in the world again.

IMG_2890We gathered, put fake tattoos all over our bodies, and dressed in our finest tights, dresses, suits, shoes, and faces.  We danced so hard we could barely breath and were literally dripping sweat, but we still hugged as hard as possible and laughed and kissed.

IMG_2920From Aunts to Uncles played, the house shook.  There we were, after decorating, after the anticipation of weeks of knowing we would have one more prom.   Just one more.  I hope we say just one more for ten more years.  Then the visitors arrived, we lit the place up, we all went home and showered and primped and then it was prom.  It comes upon us so fast, no matter how closely we watch the approaching date.

IMG_2952And then Haley came out onto the floor and sang Boys Club and I couldn’t help but plop out a couple of tears.  And I could not take my eyes off her, as I now plot for the world to know her name.  She is beautiful and has some stage presence if I’ve ever seen it.  It was the perfect blast off to the night.

IMG_2910I wore my hair in an epic side ponytail.  There was DANCE in bold tattooed on my chest.  My red shirt and suspenders were neatly tucked into my beaded shorts.  Underneath that, bow garter tights.  It was perfect to dance in, and my favorite prom outfit to date.

IMG_2901I’ve been emotional since prom, writing a lot of details I’m remembering from six years of these, trying desperately to not forget.  I fear any thought escaping my reach, that’s why writing is my art and my compulsion.  Boys Clubbers don’t forget.






On missing Maui


IMG_2719Bryan and I were talking about missing Maui and how it’s one place that is hard to shake when you get home.  Even the traveling, which feels grueling at times, sticks with me, makes me ache for more adventures.  But for now, adventures will have to wait while life goes on with its normally scheduled programming.


The poolside views, the pina coladas, the smells – those are the moments still lingering in all of my senses.

IMG_2832Hopefully B and I will be traveling again soon, and I couldn’t be more thrilled because he is the best person to share the ups and downs with.  THAT’S A METAPHOR.




The cold months


I’m still in the midst of old pictures, before the honeymoon when the cold felt normal.  The weather is zero.  Just zero, no flourish of fancy integers, just completely and utterly zero.  It’s cold but then the wind comes and takes what breath you have left completely away.

IMG_1569A cold drive home around Christmas time.  Seasons are as inevitable as death and taxes, until global warming takes over and unpredictability is the norm, but I still feel it lingering and I’m urging it to go away and bring on the sunshine.

IMG_1531Trinkets in the guest room at B’s parents house.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetSome of my favorite gift wrapping, with a large black bow, for my sister-in-law’s birthday present mid-December.  I’m convinced any gift looks fabulous with a thick ribbon around it.

IMG_1568Pearl and Poppy.  These two are best friends and in love.  Pearl had a bit of a vacation of her own at her grandparents’ house while we were in Hawaii.  They have three dogs and Pearl keeps them all young.  But there’s nothing like the love between her and Poppy fo realz.

IMG_1666And finally the magazine splatter I had to send Ashley since nobody loves a magazine like that girl.  I just love me a newsstand and magazines are the best time waster in an airport.  Plus, I admittedly buy any magazine with a Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence on the cover (I love them for very, very different reasons).  B read Consumer Reports, the New Yorker and Joan Didion, and I still maintain that there is nothing sexier than a man reading.

I got a new camera, byyyyyyye.