To begin with…

I’m looking for a word, one that won’t excite a person’s eye roll reactions but instead will encapsulate my current world.


I am slowly becoming a cliche and I do not like it.  Just graduated from college with a Masters degree in Public Administration and already I am stressing about November and student loan payments due.  I work part time, barely have money for anything fun or relaxing.  Needless to say, I am stressed to the bone, yearning for relaxation.

Sure, I’ve interviewed.  Correction, I have interviewed for six different jobs.  I have been rejected so nicely, and so rudely.  I have not been called back.  And I know that’s what playing the game is about.  But I’m ready for my life to start.  And with marriage and family down the road, the uncertainty of my career frightens me.  Literally, I am frightened.

My mother once told me that success happens when preparation meets opportunity.  So I take solace in the fact that I have prepared in an outstanding fashion.  My bachelors degree, done by age 22.  My masters degree, promptly completed by age 24.  Stayed employed all through college on the University of Idaho campus, and have so much experience in so many aspects of public administration.

Something’s gotta give.  The other shoe has to drop.  You know, that whole chestnut of cliche motivations.

But really, it comes down to what Bryan tells me – good things are on the horizon.

So this blog is my journey, from college kid to adulthood, and the troubles that come with starting your life once and for all.

But until the next post, here are some pictures from the past – what life was before it was this.

Below:  My best friend Ashley and myself at 6th grade graduation at St. Stanislaus Tri-Parish School.

Again, my best friend Ashley and myself at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2007.

Me in seventh grade, complete with acne and fake glasses I got at Afterthoughts (now known as Claire’s) because I loved zem.


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