What does a bear say?

Jack Remington Taylor, one of the newest babies in my life.  My best friend’s baby brother, the Taylor family is as dear to me as my own.  And Jack is no exception.  He is the funniest, cutest baby ever, and there truly is something special about him.  Watching him try so hard to crawl and then cry from frustration is more heart warming than I thought it would be.  Seeing him light up from seeing his dad walk in a room is very sweet.  But the best part?  When his sister Ashley asks him “What does a bear say?” and Jack starts low and growls like a bear.  The whole time, he has a mischievous smile that makes me laugh out load.  He’s a cool babe – hanging out with him is no problem.  I enjoy it so much more than I thought possible.

Some snapshots of the cutiepoodiebabyboo.

Below:  A hot day, moving sister into her new apartment.  Poor little thing was fussy all day, which I had yet to see.

This was Jack when he was probably about three months old.  So precious (and by the way, those sheets he’s laying on – Ralph Lauren I believe, and the softest sheets I’ve ever felt).

He’s rad.


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