There has been much to celebrate in the last few days at the Gill – Tierney household.  I finally got a job!  Full-time administrative assistant position which will put to use my Communication Studies degree and my Masters in Public Administration.  Yay!  But really, despite my sullenness over being broke, there has been so much to celebrate these last few months – graduations, babies, weddings, and jobs!  My friend Lindsey, who is getting married on 9-10-11, has a bridal shower next saturday poolside, and I cannot wait!  But really, I’m most excited for her big day!  Also, Bryan got an old motorcycle he found on craigslist that suits him just fiiine.  He’s wanted a motorbike for so long, and I think he was secretly holding out to buy one until we knew I had a full-time job.


Below:  Lindsey’s baby Jackson and me!  He’s a baby-badass and well worth celebrating!  This picture was taken at my friend Emily’s graduation party in Lewiston, Idaho.

Bryan the Boyfriend and Lindsey at my graduation party.  Drunk at its finest.

Bryan and Don on fourth of July this year – I wish I could suppress my maternal instincts during holidays, but I think this holiday brings it out in me.  I can’t help getting nervous and nagging about every placement of firework mortars.  I’m so worried fingers will get blown off.

Ashley and I playing with giant sparklers.  I swear, the salesman at the fireworks stand laughed at me when I asked for the biggest sparklers, as if I was some sort of daring badass for wanting the BIGGEST sparklers.  But really, I don’t care, because they rocked my socks off.

A jalapeno pepper coming in on Bryan’s plant!  Can’t wait to eat that sucker.  Even peppers are worth celebrating, especially when they’re homegrown!

Bryan’s new motorcycle.  It’s a FT2500 Honda Ascot…..whatever that means.  But it’s in really great shape, clean, and vintage.  I’m much more on board with these kinds of bikes compared to the HUGE road bikes my brother and dad drive.  This one’s a beaut!

Best celebration dinner?  Bryan wanted to take me out for dinner to celebrate the new job, and I chose Sangria.  But really, the only reason I love that place is their bruschetta (below).  It is so fresh and tasty, and their green “gringo killer” sauce is so spicy and delicious!  Paired with a 24 ounce Fat Tire, it was a pretty good date.

My view at graduation – not bad at all!  It was hotter than hell that day, but forecasts for rain meant we were all worried about getting wet.  So many of my friends graduated this same day, making it that much more awesome.


All in all, lots to celebrate around here.  Can’t wait to start my job and start paying off them damn student loans.  Now, I’m off to Coeur d’Alene to see Bryan’s family and to play some golf!


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