October Unprocessed 2011

I had a crazy long hiatus from my blog, mainly from lack of anything interesting going on in my life.  Starting to get used to working 40 hours a week and not going to school.  Moscow has had itself a crazy start to the Fall semester, and I can’t wait for the calm lull to ensue.


But, more to come from my life.


The most important part about today’s post is to talk about my pledge to take part in October Unprocessed 2011.  One of my favorite blogs, Eating Rules, gave me the inspiration and idea, and I cannot wait to take part!  Maybe this is motivated by one of my friends from Junior High and High School being on the Biggest Loser this season – (Go Courtney!!!!!!!) – or maybe it is just because I want to test my limits and see how hard it will really be.


Either way, you should go sign up for October Unprocessed as well!   Follow the links above to check out Andrew’s blog and what October Unprocessed is all about!  And look for more blog posts coming soon!

xoxox – Jilly


One thought on “October Unprocessed 2011

  1. Ooooh, jilly, this sounds like a hard challenge — but I wanna try it! I do love a good challenge. I have a friend who once ate only what was available locally, not eating anything that originated further than 10 miles from home. Craziness. Anyway, love your blog, glad you’re back 🙂

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