Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach got here about a month ago and I have been slowly reading it, almost savoring it like the delicious food they talk allll about.
David Chang is not only a genius, he is seriously seriously cool.  Okay, so maybe I don’t know if he’s a genius, but his style of cooking is not only simple but also very very tasty.  Bryan has the Momofuku book (the name of Chang’s restaurant as well, which means Lucky Peach) and has cooked some ramen recipes.  Throw all of your past notions of ramen out the door because this is definitely not Maruchan or whatever the 33-cents-a-pack is called (and don’t eye roll, we’ve all had it, especially drunk at 2 am).
But Chang’s ramen almost reminds me of a Japanese version of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Except ramen has pork fat and soft-boiled eggs, hmmm.  Anyways, Lucky Peach has anecdotes from Anthony Bourdain, Chang, and other gritty members of the foodie underground.  Find it, buy a copy.  (Yet another gem found on McSweeney’s…)
Bryan and my mom cooking together.  Too cute!  (P.S. my mom is a mega-nerd and brought her favorite pan with her to Moscow to make part of the dinner, love it.)
My friend Lindsey’s wedding was a couple of weeks ago, and since it was the event I was looking forward to all summer, I’m now actually finding myself excited for the holidays.  Really wanting to spend Christmas in Coeur d’Alene with Bryan and his family, but not too sure how that will pan out with the family.  More to come!  Gotta go paint my nails and watch new episodes of the Office and Parks and Recreation!
One more thing…October Unprocessed starts on Saturday!  Super excited to cut sweets, soda, and other processed goodies out of my diet for the month.  The whole point of October Unprocessed is not to restrict your diet but to really consider ingredients before indulging or making meals.  If you can’t make it at home (or if it has more than five ingredients, which is kind of a good rule of thumb), then it’s OUT (at least this month).  Super excited and hoping I can do it!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Peach

  1. The only thing i did not LOVE about Lucky Peach is that David Chang is under the impression that MSG is not bad. Not sure if he’s the premier foodie on health, but I do know that his food looks puuurty good. with or without msg.

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