Things have been crazy at work lately, but I do love my job.  I schedule rooms for music rehearsal, recitals, piano maintenance, organ tunings, classes, lessons, ensemble practices, studios, etc etc etc.  And let me tell you, I am getting pretty pretty pre–ttyyy good (Curb Your Enthusiasm, anyone?) at learning music terms.  I know it seems like something simple, but when you aren’t particularly musical, it did take some time.


Faculty members drop terms like “woodwind”, “double reed”, “bassoon” (which my boss plays and I definitely had no idea was even an instrument until now), “convocation”, and “Kindermusik”, which all took awhile to become associated with.  On another note, I get to listen to amazing music quite often, but I also have to hear students practicing instruments all day long.  A lot of squeaking, but I think I’m just jealous that I didn’t stick with piano years ago.


The perk of it all?  My boss puts flowers on our desk about once a month.  She’s a pretty badass bassoon-playing wizard.




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