Eating Unprocessed

So, needless to say, I failed miserably at eating unprocessed this weekend.  So far so good this week, but this weekend was given up to Oreos and milkshakes.  Also, when talking with my best girl, Ashley, she called to my attention the question of preservatives.  How would Andrew, the founder of October Unprocessed, weigh in on canned goods like refried beans?  I was clear on the fact that most refried beans are most likely not allowed, and I’m definitely not condoning them as a healthy food, but when looking at the ingredients of the beans I buy, there were few ingredients, all of which were available to me to make the same kind of beans at home.  Still, she says, they have a lot of preservatives in them.

I wish I had experience canning and preserving food at home so I had a better understanding of good preservatives/bad preservatives.  There has to be preservatives in those beans, but does that mean there are preservatives in dried beans (something to make them dry and preserve correctly?)  Do preservatives automatically equal something bad, or are they a necessary element to “convenient” eating (canned beans, dried food, frozen vegetables?)  These questions are making me want to read up on my canning knowledge and also kind of makes me want to can food myself.  I guess I would need a garden before I start preserving.

Either way, just little musings from this side of October Unprocessed.  Still doing well at not drinking soda (my main processed vice, one that my body will NOT miss).  Despite my fails this weekend at eating unprocessed, I am still excited for the challenge just because of the thought process involved.  It has stopped mindless snacking and started a healthy relationship with the food I eat, and I hope that that continues even after October is through.  Maybe my weekends will be cheat days, or maybe I’ll just have to try harder next time.


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