Every Behavior Has Opportunity

Check out the great great interview with the Slow Food Movement’s USA President Josh Viertel from Andrew Wilder’s blog, Eating Rules



Some of my favorite highlights:


“If people are poor, it makes it very hard to do the right thing when it comes to food.” – Viertel

This statement really resonates with me, especially because he uses the phrase “do the right thing” which really greatly enforces the idea that everything we put into our mouth and every indulgence is truly a choice.  Sometimes looking at my eating habits as “habits” makes me feel almost helpless and pathetic that I’m controlled by something inanimate.  But I want to do the right thing in my life, in all aspects, including food. 


“It does not work to not pay the farmer and instead pay the doctor.” – Viertel

  I would much rather pay a farmer than a doctor.


“Let’s take a tiny amount of money, say just one tenth of one percent of what we spend on corn, soy, and commodity crop subsidies. Let’s apply that as an incentive to double SNAP benefits that are spent at farmers’ markets for local produce. That will drive the choices in the right direction, without creating a negative dynamic.” – Viertel

 The food stamp programs scare me to no end – fast food restaurants want food stamp money, and fat, poor Americans want to give it to them.  But if I were rocking food stamps, I would definitely shop at a farmers’ market in efforts to double my benefits.  


“Behavior change is hard, but every behavior has opportunity.” – Viertel

By far the most inspiring sentence I have ever read.  Seriously.  Everything we do is an opportunity, including our behaviors, whether they are bad habits or good practices.  And, since my blog is all about preparing for opportunity, I’m into it.


“This is the first generation that will die at a younger age than their parents. But also, it’s the first generation to grow up into a social movement that will be the drivers to change that.” – Viertel


Read the interview.  Even if you don’t take inspiration or knowledge out of it, the interview is still unabashedly interesting to hear someone talk about something so passionately and actually devote their life to making a difference.  Corny?  Yes.  Cliche?  Yes.  Inspiring?  You betcha!


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