Things I Love

The Lodge

The only place in the world where I make hair-wreaths out of tree branches and actually wear them.  The only place in (my) world where I get to lay on the beach all day, be with the best of people, and truly “away from it all” since it takes an hour drive and a 20 minute jet boat ride just to get there.



Black Cyprus

The best food on the Palouse, hands down.  One of the best places in the Northwest to be certain.  Fresh food.  Amazing flavor.  Perfectly roasted chickens and seared steaks, people you know, wine carafes, 2 dollar “guilty pleasure” Pabst tall cans.  Cozy atmosphere.  You absolutely know that every element of every meal, including the cocktails, were well thought out and considered.  The waiters share their tips, which means your table is always cleared, your water full, your order taken.  The salads are to die for, and I never ever order salad.  If you haven’t been, go.  Right now.  Pullman, WA main street.  One of the three reasons I EVER go to Pullman.

Bryan, at his heart’s content



Friends, duh. (even more appropriate that I just started playing the Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads”, thanks Connie)


My 96 year old grandfather, during our faux christmas a few days ago.



and dance parties at Connie’s with four girls, a box of wine, and no manners.  (all were wiped out by morning)



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