Christmas Day and Coming Soon!

I know that it is definitely February now, and it is definitely too late for a Christmas post.


But I’m definitely still going to post one.


This year was a first.  I spent my first Christmas away from home.  Christmas Day did not feel like Christmas Day, and I missed my family for the first time in years.


But apart from that, it was wonderful.  My Christmas consisted of the Gills, Coeur d’Alene, and king crab on Christmas Day (suck it, turkey).  I would say the worst part about divorced parents is shuttling between a million houses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when all anyone should really be doing is relaxing all together.  That’s what it was like in Coeur d’Alene.  Just Bryan, his sister Katie, his parents, and Joe (Katie’s boyfriend) and me.  Lovely.  But I will definitely be back home next year.


The most important part of my Christmas is baking my treat bags I give relatives and friends.  Ashley and I started doing this two or three years ago, and have been up to it ever since.  Because she lives in Lewiston now, I did it all by lonesome.  But not without paying homage to her baking brilliance by whipping up her hillbilly toffee!

This little beauty is nothing but crackers (whatever you have in your cupboard, really, but I used cheez its and some leftover ritz crackers), brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips, and walnuts.  Boo-yah.

And just for good measure, I would like to add a picture of my new flour and sugar canisters.  I’ve been prowling for the perfect pair, and I found them.

Oh, hey cuties.  And, that’s right, that’s a kiddie advent calendar.  My mom buys them for us every year.


So, I made the treats, I wrapped presents, and we went to CDA.

I haven’t been in a house with a real Christmas tree in years!  Loved it.

Bryan’s sweet camera that his dad bought in the 80s.  Can’t wait to play with all of the lenses.


And really, the décor at their house can’t be beat.  His parents are the type of people smart enough to save the really cool, stylish vintage treasures from their parents.  Like a model of a frozen pond with magnetic angels that skate around on top?  Or an amazing orange egg nog punch bowl with matching cups.


And puppies.  Love being in a house with pups.

My new Christmas pjs!

And finally, home sweet home.  Hadley & Penny and the Webster Christmas Tree.

Me on New Years Eve.  I made Ashley take this picture to send to my momma, she bought the shirt for me and I’m not sure she believed that I was really going to wear it to the Mikey’s New Years bash.






Coming soon to Jaded & Lovely

Since my greatest talent was school and deadlines and goals, I am going to set up some features for posting bi-weekly.  Come back to check out features such as –


Book Report – I will review any books I finish, now that I can actually read for fun again since I am finished with school.

Beauty Product Digest – a rundown of my favorite beauty products as well as the tons of samples and new items I have to try.

What Happiness Looks Like – Pictures from my life as well as anything that I think shows the purest expressions of happiness.




here’s to blogging more often!  and happy 2012


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