The Rollaway is still rockin’

Recently, my life has consisted of a lot of work and a lot of playing hard.


Luckily, I sometimes get paid to watch the Jazz Choir rehearse.



Ashley’s birthday was amazing and the Rollaway is just as magical as I remember, right down to the carpeted doors and the quite dangerous tilted floors in the bathroom.





Before the skating rink, we went to Fazzari’s and had some Schotzy, of course.  Jack and his soon-to-be new teeth were not super happy.

There may have been lots of broken butts, still we got out alive.  (Some of us hanging in the concessions area – seriously, check out those blue carpet doors)

And Ashley definitely couldn’t get outta there without requesting some Blackstreet and Mariah Carey.

(All birthday photos were taken by the most fly girl around, Connie Rae Boyer)


And the best part about Ashley’s birthday was finally getting matching tattoos.  We both got hakuna matata tattooed on our upper thigh (my right, her left) in an almost illegible script.  When we were trying to describe to our friend Thad what we wanted, it came down to wanting the words to look like a “whisper” on our legs.  The end result is so beautiful and I think of Ashley (and Thad!) when I see it.  I also squeezed in my third tattoo, a bolded symbol of the Deathly Hallows (the stone, the wand, and the cloak) from Harry Potter.  I did this not only because of my undying love of the series……………but also for……………..nope, I did it because of my undying love and devotion for the series.  Get over it.

At home, I’ve been enjoying reading for fun.  I’ve especially liked diving into some of my reference books like Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook or Emily Post’s Etiquette.

I’ve also been taking a much too long hiatus from cooking.  Audition Day, one of the larger events I coordinate at work, was over on Saturday, so now, I can return to a schedule and plan dinners or try new recipes more often.


Bryan and I tried the new BBQ place in town in efforts to avoid cooking after a long long day.  The bar was designed like a giant piano!

Too bad the food was not as cool.

Playing hard continued on this weekend with the Super Bowl and a nacho party with friends Sunday to celebrate.  It was wonderful, but then again, every Super Bowl is pretty magical.  (how about the Giants and Patriots eh?  that final throw by the Patriots was INTENSE!)  (Oh yeah, and Madonna’s awesome half-time performance)

And playing hard will get even better this weekend with the FOURTH ANNUAL BOYS CLUB PROM!!!!!!!!!  I cannot believe our friends have stayed organized to have the prom for four years in a row, but here we are!  I cannot wait and I am wearing the same dress as the last two years (the first year I wore an actual old prom dress from high school).  This year, prom will be at the wonderful Claire & Abby’s & Thad’s.  Their apartment is adorable, and their porch is like a little hidden slice of heaven.  Fun will be had by all, and maybe I’ll remember to take pictures and post my favorite outfits of the night.  Just maybe 🙂


Audition Day is O-V-E-R.  And now it’s time for Vandal Friday planning and organizing the clutter that happened while I was focusing on Auditions.



Can I get a hallelujah?


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