Recipe Box Vol. 1

Wild Mushroom Turkey Pattys

When I was just a lass, my mother nagged and nagged me about my apparent disinterest in cooking.  She would clearly favor my brother for enjoying it so much, and I admit, it took some serious tones to get me to chop onions or grate cheese for her.

To this day, she acts surprised and taken aback when I talk about a recipe I tried or a food I like.  I know, I used to hate parsley, and grapefruit, and pork chops (that’s right, I used to throw FITS over pork chops).  Things change and I grew up and after leaving the dorms after my second year of college, well, that’s when my personal exploration with cooking began.

So, here is my first ever Recipe Box post.  I love to find new recipes to try online, but it’s even better when they work out well.  I get way too irritated when they are flops.

This recipe is for Turkey and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf Patties with Pan Gravy from Rachael Ray


I did make some changes, so here is my version.

Ingredient gathering!

Asparagus is going to be roasted in the oven, so it is not technically part of the patty recipe.

Worcestershire sauce – 1 tbs.

bread crumbs – 1 tbs. (recipe calls for Italian, I used plain)

olive oil (as needed for sautéing)

ground turkey (the recipe calls for 1 1/3 pound, but this pack was only 1 pound)

mushrooms, chopped (the recipe calls for 8 cremini and 8 shitake, but I used 7 cremini and about 4 shitake and that was PLENTY)

shallot (1 chopped)

egg (1 beaten)

(sage was another ingredient which I omitted and substituted parsley instead)

Also: flour, butter, chicken stock, and poultry seasoning (which I omitted because I did not have any) for the pan gravy

Once I pulled all of the ingredients out, I had to get my mindset prepared as well.

Compliments of my boss who is on sabbatical this semester – I am house-sitting for her and I found this bottle of wine on her counter with a thank you note after they left.

Also, I am really picky about my recipe viewing.  I hate having to touch my computer or phone while I’m getting down and dirty in the kitchen.  I can’t explain how OCD I can really get, but a speck of flour slowly getting in the cracks on my keyboard makes my hands clam up.

SO I took some baking twine and rigged up almost like a clothes’ line for recipes.  I taped one end to the hood vent of my range and the other end to the inside of my spice cupboard.  It worked really well and made it much easier to just look up and see what step is next.

Dressing the asparagus with some garlic olive oil from the Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Company

I hit a non-stick skillet with two turns of olive oil and let that heat up while I fixed the asparagus and put it in the oven.  In the olive oil, sauté the mushrooms and shallots until tender.  A lot of moisture will release from both vegetables, so feel free to drain off any excess juice to avoid mushy patties.

Pretty mushrooms and shallots!

Once the mushrooms and shallots are sautéed, transfer to mixing bowl.  Add ground turkey, beaten egg, bread crumbs, Worcestershire, parsley OR sage.

MIX.  Gross.  I used a plastic glove, but you can use your hands or a spoon if you’re really a baby about it.

I apologize for the blurry photo, but the image is not necessarily appetizing anyways.  Just an idea of how it should look.

While mixing, heat another couple turns of olive oil.  Form a tiny patty and cook in pan.  Taste to make sure seasoning is right.  Adjust accordingly, then form four patties, about 1 inch thick.

(this recipe yielded probably a total of 7 patties, but I froze a little less than half of the mixture for future use, since it’s just Bryan and I – imagine how much it would have made if I used the listed amount of mushrooms and the extra 1/3 pound of turkey?!?!!)

Put patties in oil (did that need to be said?) – there shouldn’t be more than a tablespoon of oil in your pan.

After the patties are cooked (about 4-6 mins each side), transfer to plate.  Use the flour, butter, and chicken stock to make a typical pan gravy.  In the future, I would leave this step out.  In my opinion, turkey and mushrooms are already moist.  Also, it just adds extra sodium and fat where it isn’t necessary.

And here are the finished products, with a light drizzling of the pan gravy – I served them with the asparagus and some angel hair pasta tossed lightly with butter and green onions.  Success!

Check back for more trial and error recipes from the JadedLovely Recipe Box



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