Talkin bout Boys Club (Prom 2012)

Boys Club Prom 2012 was memorable, as the last four Boys Club Proms have been.

Waking up on February 11 was like Christmas.  I knew Ashley and Hadley were coming up from Lewiston, and Emily and Liz were in town from Portland, and Caetlyn and David were coming down from Spokane.  Keeeem came from Seattle.  Magical.

My day started with my momma coming up from Lewiston at about 10:30 in the morning.  I get my love of beauty products from that woman -she’s phenomenal.  She not only loves beauty and skincare, but she applies it in an amazing way.  So there was definitely no one else I would want doing my hair and makeup for the evening (certainly not myself, I’m horrible at it.  I’m an enthusiast, not a practitioner.)


Bryan and Hadley were saints while they waited for Ashley, Connie, Emily, and I to get ready.

Ashley greased Emily’s hair big time.  It was nothing short of primo.


Once Emily’s hair was greased, we had to get frisky, big deal.

(Photo by Ashley Webster)

And some girly shots in my bedroom as we scrambled to put nylons and bras on while my living room filled and acted as a go-between for home to prom traffic.


(Photos by Ashley Webster)


Before leaving, the Boys Club troops ate a cheeseburger (we often forget to eat dinner in preparation for these things), others arrived at my house for last minute pre-funkage, and after a few self-timer shots, we were off!


First things first, pics of Alder and Connie once we arrived at Claire, Thad & Abby’s house for Prom.



Because of my mother’s amazing handiwork, she insisted on a picture sent to her of my outfit (she left before I could get entirely dressed) –

The sheer excitement of Boys Club and Prom comes from gathering, despite the life paths we’ve explored since Boys Club started.

I missed Kim so much, here is a picture of her arriving at prom.

Kim is the one with the bun who I am clearly stoked to the max to see.

Me and my boos, of course.

And me and my dude-boo.

This year, prom wasn’t about being the drunkest or talking to every single person like it may have been in year’s past.  This year was about catching up, being with the original Boys Club, and I have to admit, eye rolling at some that just aren’t cut from the right cloth.

Loves until next year.



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