“Administrative Professional”

I laughed hard the other day when I realized that what was once “Secretary’s Day” is now called “Administrative Professional’s Day”.  Why did the term “secretary” become so taboo?  And for the record, watching Mad Men makes me enjoy being a secretary that much more.

My dream profession has always been to find a really wealthy and powerful person that needs a hard working, organized woman to handle their affairs.  I know that most careers like that come at the cost of a family and a personal life, but in my fantasy, I balance it all!  I run errands, pick up dry cleaning, and gain the elite benefits that come with being the woman behind someone important.  And, full disclosure, I would rather this person be a celebrity or designer or famous blogger than say, the President or a foreign dignitary (although traveling as a perk is an added bonus of my dream).

But alas, I went to school and got a Masters in Public Administration, dooming myself to handling affairs but for less impressive people in much more boring situations.

I do love it though.  I love when people come to me in a panic only to find out moments later that I’ve got it all under control.  One step ahead of them, problem solved, crisis averted, “I’m right on top of that, Rose!”

I love that I am behind the scenes at most University events where I was once an onlooker, a student, not knowing that the University of Idaho really is a great place to go to school and work.

(Backstage at Vandal Friday, watching the Marching Band perform)

(renovated Kibbie Dome)

(Chandeliers in the Administration Building Auditorium – I was in the balcony and they were so close to me!)

(my view from the balcony of the Admin Auditorium on Audition Day)

(Watching a master at work)



Someday, I hope to be the Leslie Knope of my town, making things brighter and having hope in public service.  But you never know where careers will drift, I definitely never thought I’d be working at the Music School.  When I was an undergraduate, I took a History of Rock n’ Roll class with Professor James Reid, now a “colleague” (I’ve always hated that word).  My friend Chris and I would pull up to class late.  This was the year that I heard the term “swine flu” for the first time.  It would have been three or fours ago.  Back then, we used to laugh at some graffiti in the Music School parking lot.  It is still there today!

I hope they NEVER paint over it.


And one more reason to love my SECRETARY job?  Awesome secretary co-workers, like Jenny.  She had a robot helper on her desk that she never used, so she brought it home thinking her husband could make use of it.  She texts me things like this on the weekend:

“Bill already had a little helper, now they’re in love.”

Happy Hump Day!


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