There is so much goodness in the details.

Like neon lighted floral designs on the ceiling of the Kenworthy Theater :::::

Or coconut m&ms eggs while planning meals for the week and even music note shaped paper clips :::::

Color coding schedules and playing with art supplies again after all these years :::::

My dude who loves to read and has awesomely old-manish reading glasses (Lasik can’t win ’em all) :::::

New matchbooks from Jud that he ever so thoughtfully got for me in Vegas :::::

Elephants roaming on my chest :::::

The alluring black hole that is Forbidden Rice boiling away.  SUPERFOOD :::::

FOUR (count them, F O U R) new pairs of prescription glasses for under $60 total :::::

The wonders of a sweet tiny dog perched on your shoulder :::::

He asked for a small envelope at work.  The choices were endless.  Love for office supplies neverending. :::::

G & her babies.  I realized I don’t even like these scents, but I love Gwen Stefani and that’s all that matters.  The people that gifted these to me understand this.  :::::

My new weekender bag from H&M, patiently awaiting me to take her somewhere.  Oh, I have.  :::::


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