Excuse me for a moment while I reflect.

My friend Kim moved to Seattle after graduating with me in May 2011.  She took very little money and just went, knowing that any job she wants would be in Seattle, not in her hometown.  I admire this.  I figure my late 20s will be for my career, just like Kim.  An interior design intern at GGLO in Seattle, Kim has it going on and I love her dearly.  Not just for her perseverance and low-stress attitude that gets the job done, but also because she’s happy, loves her friends, and is just as happy partying in a cluuubbbb or watching Harry Potter movies with me in bed.

Kim & I in Seattle during Spring Break 2 years ago –

This Spring Break, Ashley, Bri, Haley, and I drove to Seattle for a little four day jaunt to see our Kimbaby.

When we got there on Saturday afternoon, our first order of business was going to see Zack Andrews, another dear friend, one I’ve had since junior high.  He works for a super top secret, high profile engineering operation in Seattle, and he rides his bike to the ferry every day like a boss.  I’ve missed him.  His house is on the outskirts of Capitol Hill, so we walked in some serious pouring rain to his house.

Haley and her boytoy Sal playing on some school buses on our way.

Oh Zack.  He loves God, and Rick Santorum, and he doesn’t realize that liberal rights are really just human rights.  But I’m the one friend who doesn’t let him talk too much about ideology with me, because I like Zack but not when he’s proselytizing.  That’s the beauty of old friends.

He also skateboards and is nearly a genius, but he loves him a gun.

And he raps barefoot.

We dance partied it up and drank way too much jager.  My hair was greasy and wet from the drive and the pouring rain, but damn it felt good to be on vacation.

dance dancing.

i decided to leave a love note on his mirror.  (in case you can’t read it, it says “I love you like God loves Rick Santorum”)

The next day, we went shopping downtown, I bought a beautiful weekender at H&M.  Truly, the highlight of this day was Lil Woody’s Burgers on Capitol Hill.  The burgers were nothing short of amazing, but the true rock star was homemade Queso and Fries.  I stole the picture below from their website, cute right?

Monday morning, I found out my grandma passed away.  My dad called me early and left me a message, since he knew I was out of town.  Kim had to work that day and Haley and Sal were returning to Portland, so it was just Ashley, Bri and I all day.  I was a HOT MESS to the nth degree.  My anxiety was through the roof, not only because of my grandma but because of millions of other things completely out of my control.  Isn’t it funny how the things that are most out of our control are the things that plague our precious psyche?

We went to Value Village and I found some pretty cute stuff, like an Alaska sweater that smells like serious grandma and a chambray sleeveless button up.  Again, it was pouring rain all day, so between hiding under stoops to smoke and wearing my glasses that were constantly fogged up and dripping wet, it was a rough day.  Luckily my friends are fucking rockstars (the swearing was necessary to drive the point home).  They let me break down crying whenever I wanted and let me vent and bitch as much as I needed.

During one of my breakdowns, we stumbled upon a Pike Street Fish Fry on Capitol Hill.  A hole in the wall?  You betcha.

Ashley’s pictures of our grub (aka fish tacos and fish and chips with house cut fries).

(Don’t worry, I threw that whole bottle of vinegar away accidentally after lunch)

Check out those hotz chikz on the newspaper.  bahahahahaha.

After our day around town, we went back to Zack’s house, just us girls (including Kim) and Zack.  He bought us famous Ezell’s Chicken (he knew I was having a hard day and needed serious comfort food) (side note: Oprah totally had that fried chicken flown in for her interview with Michael Jackson) and we ate it at his house while watching Bad Girls Club.  Zack’s a buddy that way – he knows how to just let us girls do our thang.

On Tuesday, Kim gave us big hugs and kisses goodbye before she went to work and we headed off in the afternoon.  It was so amazing and refreshing to get away with my girls and have a vacation, even if it was short.

Here’s one last pic from the weekend in Kim’s apartment.  Loves.


2 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. First, I’m so sorry about your grandma — rough in the first place, but even moreso when you aren’t home.

    But I loved your pictures — reminded me of when I lived in Seattle! LOVE Capitol Hill!

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