Bunny Weekend

I had very few plans for Easter weekend besides hanging out with Ashley and seeing Titanic.

The sky was gorgeous as I left Moscow on Friday after work.

I texted Ashley at the beginning of the week telling her I wanted margaritas on Friday night.  I brought the tequila.  But Ashley?  She embraced the theme big time.

Hadley wrote the menu in Spanish.

Ashley and I were definitely living out our Practical Magic fantasies…late night dancing with tequila and margaritas.

There were tacos, peacock drink stirrers, paper lanterns, margaritas, and mini margarita pies.

We played apples to apples, and caught up with old friends.  And of course, the pets were there.

(Lola and Penny Lane)

(There are always drink spills when we’re hanging)

The next day we went to Titanic.  In 3D.  In the theater.  It was amazing.  Amazing.  Like, insanely amazing.  As amazing as the first time.  And the 300th time.

I tried to take a picture in the theater.  This was the best I could do.  Remember when they pull the bench off the ground to bust out of the steerage gate once the ship is sinking?  BOOM.

After Titanic, we met up with my mom, painted our nails (she did a BEAUTIFUL job on mine), and went and had dinner at Zany’s.  Ashley and I went to visit my dad and stepmom Kathy, and came home with lots of Easter treats.

The next day was my favorite, not because it was Easter but because I got to see Jack!  I haven’t spent quality time with him since he’s been able to walk, so we had fun watching him dance and do baby yoga.  But before those cute pictures, I have to say one of my favorite parts of staying at Ashley’s house?  Waking up to this little baby.

Now for King Jack.

Just the fact that he has his own chair is cute-ness overload (but in a good way).

(Jack with his brother Lance)

With my baby meter re-filled, I headed back to Moscow just in time for a nice little barbecue with Bryan.

*by the way, if you don’t already own those frosted, frozen mugs you keep in the freezer, go buy some.  They really do rock.


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