For the Graduation Celebration (as well as Emily Grace Dokken’s day of blessed birth), I decided to get creative with a few tissue-paper-garlands.  I knew most of the day would be spent outside in the sunshine; still, I wanted to spruce up the inside a tiny bit since there isn’t much to be decorated outside.

I bought this variety pack of tissue at Wal*Mart for 1.97.

For the first strand, I took green, blue, and pink sheets of tissue paper, and cut strips into them, leaving the middle portion connected.  Think of tissue paper octopi, if you must.

I then stapled the tops into circles to make wind-flag-looking-things (again, think tissue paper octopi).  After I finished each color, I hole-punched the top and strung some baker’s twine through them.

Emily and Jimmy (who also graduated!!!!) standing below my decor during the party.

For the second garland, I did the same technique of cutting strips, however, this time, I fixed the baker’s twine to the wall on each side and then folded the tissue paper over the twine.  The middle part that stays one piece acts as a bridge and allows the tissue to dangle.

And the third garland was tiny and full of leftover tissue paper, and ended up in no pictures.  Poor third garland!

Tissue paper also doubles as wrapping paper.  Hence Connie’s graduation gift wrap, along with a junior-high-style note.

I am definitely going to make more of an effort to decorate for gatherings at my house because I’m a geek and had way too much fun doing it.  xo!


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