Invited Change

Bryan and I were throwing around the option of moving.  We thought Coeur d’Alene or Boise would be very possible solutions for our next town.  But, weighing the odds and ends of our lives helped us come to the solution that staying put is best for my career and my family right now.  My “stepmother” (I use the term loosely since she isn’t really my stepmom but my dad’s fiance and a wonderful woman I’ve known a long time) is battling terminal cancer.  And while a move sounds so freeing at the moment, I want to stay close to home and absorb these moments with those I love.

In the midst of our decision making, our apartment was rented out from under us.  A very despicable man, who was given the option of an identical apartment two doors down, chose to stay in our apartment, which is his legal right.  In a tizzy, our landlords have helped us find a new place.  Today, I got the call.  We have to be in our new place.  In 1 week.  1 week to pack, move, and clean our old place.  Can we do it?  You betcha.  Our new place has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath (as opposed to our current 2 bed, 2 bath) and a garage!  Bryan can finally have that ping pong table he’s always dreamed of.
The best part, though, is our plan for the next few years.  One of which involves me making a new work space in my home so that I can create and be more productive for my own personal sanity.  Ever since I finished my Masters, I find myself yearning for a reason to write and explore new information, and my job doesn’t leave a lot of room for that, so here I am, declaring to change things for myself.

Just as I picked up some blogging momentum, this happened, but don’t worry, I’ll blog the process.  First things first (and my favorite part) get rid of everything I can live without.  I am the anti-hoarder – nothing ticks my clock like a big run to Goodwill.  And, random thoughts occurring, my new place is much closer to the Paradise Creek bike path, making biking to work much easier than currently.

I will miss the first home Bryan and I made together but God knows, there will be lots more to come! Onto the next!


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