Moving is done.  And it went so fast, my head is in a tailspin.  I’m still deciding where I want bookshelves and coats, but it already feels like home.  We are buying a washer and dryer from our friends Jake and Lindsey, so it will be nice once we can get back to laundry.  Also, I am buying Bryan a ping pong table for our “anniversary” but really just because I know how bad he wants one now that we have a garage.  After all of that, all I will need is a new bistro dining table for our “dining room” aka expansive linoleum.  


In the midst of it all, I am feeling so unmotivated and almost mentally and creatively mute.  So what is my cure-all for drabness?  Wearing blue pants and my old Keds.  Happy “Monday”!




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