I love pretty things, but I am still quite good about not letting too much clutter take over my life.

What I love the most is office supplies and stationery.  Paper.  Post Its.  Pencils (especially because I am also a crossword nut).  Paperclips.  The list goes on and on.

So this is my market – the pretty little things I buy for myself.  Their cuteness knows no bounds.

Market: One Fine Dae

I don’t remember how I heard about One Fine Dae, but Linda’s awesome taste and talent mixed with her Northwest locale (Pacific Northwest Holla!) makes her blog very readable for me.  Her Summer Pencil Set was a must have.

And I can’t believe I was even surprised by the amazing packaging.  There was also a handwritten thank you note, which I appreciate as an avid thank-you-noter.

I was so in love before I even opened the package.  But the pencils delivered the best moment of yesterday’s mail.  Inspiration in the midst of a move, when I don’t even have my home decor done.

Check out Linda’s blog (linked above!) and follow the links to her Etsy shop if your office needs some beauty and stay tuned for future market posts!


3 thoughts on “Market

  1. I can’t wait to check it this site! You know how queer I am for these very same things.
    —love you

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