Black Cypress

The Black Cypress in Pullman, Washington never disappoints.  Especially when my babe-a-licious friend Abby is working and Andrea, a lovely lady I met at Sasquatch a few years ago.

Besides the people, the food was delicious.  We went on Monday night for half price appetizers.  And split pea soup.  And salads.  Let me just say, Black Cypress is the only place I order salad.

I wanted to take pictures of everything, beautiful and untouched.  But that was just too damn difficult.  So behold, our leftover clam shells and empty Black Cypress Dips plate.

Our first round we ordered the clams and dips which were to die for: cucumber tzatziki, skordalia, and briam.  I did not know what the briam was for a very long time but I knew it was delicious.  Upon researching it later, I found out it is a blend of roasted vegetables (many claim it is the most versatile vegetarian dish because you can make it out of anything).  All I know is the texture with the fresh, local bread they serve is outstanding.

The second round was salads, which I did not get a picture of.  Bryan got the Turnip the Beets salad (can you guess what was in it?) and I got the House Salad: mixed greens with candied walnuts, house-cured bacon, and delicious blue cheese tossed with a dressing I can’t even describe except that it ties it all together beautifully.

Third round was the Split Pea Soup and the Cypriot Sandwiches.  The Cypriot Sandwiches are little triangles with date jam and grilled halloumi cheese, which we pile with the lemony and minty greens that come on the side.  These are by far one of my favorites at the Black Cyprus, and the soup was delicious as always.  Bryan went so far as to say it was the best Split Pea he has ever had.

Finally, we were awesomely surprised by complimentary dessert care of Abbylove.

It was a goat cheese panna cotta with strawberries and honey and those crazy delicious candied walnuts.  Hmmmm hmmmm.  We were so full and unsure we could even handle dessert, but it was the perfect light and refreshing compliment to our meal.

I have dined at Black Cypress many many times and it is always good.  But last night, the food was at its finest.  Highly recommended.


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