Two Years

I’ve never been one to take self-portraits with boyfriends, but Bryan and I were on an awesome bike ride on the new path by our home earlier this week and decided to set up the camera on a bench for a photo op.

There were these tiny orange roses all over the path, so precious.

I almost cropped the garbage can out, but why alter the reality of the situation?  Everyone knows that stops on bike paths involve benches and garbage cans.  Cheesy pictures aside, I was overwhelmed at times by the beauty of the Palouse and being able to hop on our bikes and get on a path that takes us through such a bright landscape.  We rode for an hour, stopping only when I wanted to literally smell the roses and look at my beautiful bike, of course.

Today is my second anniversary with Bryanboy.  He’s a good’n and I love him to bits!


4 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Yes, he is a good one. Don’t tell him this but I love him to bits as well. Hang onto each other with all your might! I have prayed since the day you were born that you would have someone to love and that loves you. Now I just pray for silly shit like Burger King bringing back frozen Cokes. Happy Anniversary to you both. I love you both very much and couldn’t be more proud. It’s all I can do to stop myself from tweeting this post. 💐

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