Long July

Supportive.  Inspiring and motivating.  Understanding, happy, loving, hilarious.  Interesting.  Open-minded.  Beautiful.  Cheerful.  Reasonable, cynical when necessary.


(Kathy and her youngest son Johnny, playing at my graduation party last May)

I have been absent from this blog because my dad’s fiance, Kathy Neumayer, passed away on July 5 from cancer.  The words above describe her in the most simple way possible, because the depths of her abilities as a woman cannot be explained in something as worldly as words.  She made me see the potential in myself, and know that I should never settle for less.  She beat breast cancer, raised two wonderful boys on her own, and helped developmentally disabled community members with such enthusiasm, you may forget what a trying job it was at times.  My dad and her taught me what true love is, taught me about adventure and friendship.  I miss her so much that it’s hard to even say the words.  In fact, I think that’s the first time I have communicated that I miss her.  I miss her, and it’s so strong, so much more than any other type of ache I have experienced.  But I am becoming one of those people that truly believe she is watching over me and I feel crazy lucky, crazy blessed to have known her at all.

Image(Kathy with her sons CJ and Johnny, and my dad and brother in the back)

Image(Dad and Kathy the day they got the keys to their home)

Rest in peace my dear.



3 thoughts on “Long July

  1. I wish there was a “love” button for this post. You made me cry, your words are beautiful, just like you. I hope you send this post to your dad, he will love it as well.
    I love you, Jilly, more than anything.
    ~ Mom

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