Freedom Day

Besides the bad news I received the day after the Fourth of July, the holiday was done right and I enjoyed the time with my nearest and dearest. We had our flag hanging proudly for the first time ever, and I felt like a kid again, pulling out the rods and assembling the flag for display the days before and after the holiday.  Despite Bryan’s embarrassment, I will definitely be putting it out on all flag-worthy holidays (Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.) Penny Lane, being a good girl while being tethered outside.  My house is on a seriously busy dog-walking loop in town, and the little babe just sits there gawking at other dogs, wishing she could go smell each and every one. I made mini carrot cupcakes, slowly becoming my specialty because they are adorable, delicious, and everyone loves them.  Along with other brought food and the BBQ essentials, we had quite a spread.   And of course, we couldn’t resist the numerous temporary tattoos I had out for enjoyment.  Maybe it got a bit out of hand….maybe Ashley put a tattoo on each of her knuckles and maybe I did the worst job ever trying to fake tattoo my own neck. And of course we had fireworks.  And of course, I make it a point to go out to Lapwaii and buy the good ones, and I get so excited for them.  And when the time comes, I completely “mom” out and worry that we are going to get struck by flying shrapnel or become incarcerated for pyrotechnics.  Neither of these scenarios has ever happened. Check my worried face – Alder did wonders capturing this moment.  Sure, it’s not the best picture, but it is in terms of Ashley and I in a nutshell.  As Bryan and Nick lit off the mortars, I tensed up every time and then smiled when they lit up the sky.  Every time. Giant sparklers and a very blurry picture of Bryan and Nick running from a lit mortar.  I love the fourth of July.


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