The Giant Cedar

I first heard about the giant cedar from an acquaintance who recently left the area but was quite outdoorsy.  The tree is 3000 years old and is the biggest tree east of the Cascade-Sierra Crest.  It resides about 10 miles outside of Elk River, Idaho, which translates to roughly 2 hours of country driving from Moscow.

Bryan and I tried to see the cedar back in May, but found the 10 mile gravel road snow packed at the entrance, so we made it our mission to return once the weather warmed up.  And it has WARMED UP, let me tell you.  Because of the long drive and the general adventurer’s spirit that Bryan and I both have, we decided to each take one of our “best friends of ever” with us and pack a picnic, ’cause we be quaint like dat.


I’m not ashamed to say that I am a sucker for feet sticking out of a car window, a car that drives slow on a country road.  I am a sucker for cool air in motion and warm air while sitting still.  I am a sucker for my girl Ashley’s DJ skills and the fact that she dedicated each song to a different person in the car.  Song dedications are as wonderful as presents.  Also, there’s just something about sitting in the backseat with that girl – makes me feel like we are ten years old again, stuck in the back of our parents’ cars.

This is my giddiness at being there, and being able to sip wine thanks to the adorable wine-picnic-bag that Kathy gave me for Christmas last year (glasses, napkins, corkscrew, insulation, and strapped in wine bottle, all in a great mint green bag).

And like I mentioned, one of Bryan’s nearest and dearest came with us, Billy Boy.  I’ve known Bill ages longer than I’ve know Bryan, but still, those boys have something special going on as evidenced in the picture above.  They make me giggle big time.

Paths wind around the Giant Cedar and take you to a Giant Cedar Grove, where benches line ivy-covered lands with trees towering so tall that the sunlight trickles in like marbled warmth.


My favorites, giving me the look, but still cuter than I can even handle.





Our picnic in the shadow of the cedar – I made turkey and swiss sandwiches, packed grapes and chips, and brought every snack I could find in my pantry arsenal.  It was a good day.






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