Life’s a Beach

Yeah, that’s right, that’s the title of my post and I’m sticking to it.  Because life is a beach, in the best of metaphorical senses, when you have star girlfriends, an awesome Dad, and the best “step brother” around.

Dad was down and out, is down and out, that goes without saying.

So what better chance to cheer him up than boating, homemade sandwiches and macaroni salad, beer and wine.  Sunshine and the river, that’s all we need.

These pictures are stolen from Connie, who captures the best moments always.


The day started with ducks, as most days on the boat usually do.  Now, I’m not duck expert, but they really really liked Sun Chips.

We truly wanted to make a day of it, and the water is still so high on the river that we were able to head upriver for 20 minutes or so before finding our beach for the day.

Wine and babes, Johnny’s happy and smiling, as always.

Every time we are swimming together, I make Ashley french braid my hair.  She pretty much always does and that’s why she’s my girrrrl.

We swam, we ate lunch, we applied and re-applied and re-re-applied sunscreen, and still my back sizzled and Connie’s face turned redder than I had ever seen before.

Not only do I think we successfully cheered up my dad, but he also cheered me up a great deal.  Being with family and friends is the greatest joy in life, and no matter the situation, Dad is always happy to be with us all, enjoying the company of each other – and that is one of the many reasons why I love him.

It was a perfect day.






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