Saturdays in Moscow

I’m thrilled that Moscow moved its Farmer’s Market to a main street festival every Saturday.  The booths span the roadway and citizens meander between produce stands and chocolatiers and students playing the violin from the University of Idaho.  I boast, but my shocking confession is this: last Saturday was the first Saturday this season that I could make it to the market.  And it was good.  Beets are getting bigger, kale is getting cheaper, and the fresh strawberry lemonade from Patty’s Kitchen is still a delicious personal tradition of mine at the Market.

We woke up early to beat the back-to-school-breakfast-hungover-Saturday rush at the Breakfast Club.

Bryan sliced his finger making croutons the night before, and it was a bloody mess.  I accidentally got a glamour shot of the cast I crafted over our morning cuppa.

After breakfast, we journeyed the market, tried fresh mozzarella from the Brush Creek Creamery, and bought some deliciously tart and sweet blackberries.  All in all, a good Saturday in Moscow.



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