Last Beach of Summer

The last day on the beach is bittersweet.  I’m usually near done with the heat and ready for some Fall happenings.  But I miss the river, always and forever.  I never get on it enough in the summer, but I think about it all day every day.

We gathered with my dad on an island downriver on the Snake.  He went early and grabbed a spot, which was good because what used to be a huge island was still flooded by high river waters.  We had just the perfect patch of sand.

The day was…adventurous.  Disastrous?  Both.  And wonderful even.

Love my sista.

Because of the high waters, we were able to wade out so far into the river.  It made for perfect football throwing and cooling down.

Love my brother.

My dad has always had a boat.  It’s a condition of his happiness, I believe.  He’s joyful on the boat.  (Bryan and Dad having a chat in the sunshine)

The best part about the day, though, was the fact that is was Jack’s first beach day.  He loved splashing in the water, playing with the sand, building castles.

I can’t imagine a little boy gets loved on more than this one.  I already miss the days when he was a baby and wanted to be held; now, he’s independent.  Boy has determination, brains, and good looks – he will definitely go far, that is certain.

Taken by his sister Ashley.  This picture melts my heart.


Beach days with the Tierneys, the Taylors, the friends are always the best days.



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