Book Report: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

“I talk a lot, so I just learn to tune myself out.”

That about sums up the character of Kelly Kapoor in The Office.  Shallow, dim-witted, motivated.  Minority executive.  Pregnancy faker.  Ryan lover.  If you watch the show, you get it.

But now, my love of Kelly is deep and serious and sure.  Because she is played by Mindy Kaling, a hilarious young woman that makes me proud to be female and a writer.  She gives me aspirations for my future and even more passion for my dream of professionally writing someday.  She’s funny and self deprecating and proud.  Her love of her family is admirable, and her rules with her best friend are whole-heartedly relatable.  Every time she talks about working on The Office (writer, director, actress) I feel like I’m grasping at gold, pure gold.  Nothing beats a backstage perspective of such an important comedy.  Especially told by this babe.

The left is her real office and the right is a staged picture of her writing.  The photo choices and placements in this book are unexpectedly giggle-inducing.

I had this idea to start a book chain.  So I figured Connie would be a good start – she’s hilarious and I love her and I knew she would love the book.

I hope she passes it on and signatures fill the blank pages; hilarious, smart, creative women read her book and feel inspired and steadfast.  Even if it ends up at Goodwill someday, at least it will be known how much it was loved.


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