I bookmarked Prinstagram weeks ago on my work computer when I went into a fit of picture ordering online.  I figured, why stop at regular pictures?  Let’s go ahead and get those Instagrams printed as well.

You know those life moments when it becomes necessary to change up the pictures in frames in your home?  Yeah, that happened.  Complete frame overall.

Anyways, back to Prinstagram.  I order 24 square prints of my Instagram pictures on Sept. 10.  They arrived 5 days later – SO QUICK.  The website directly connects to your Instagram account and allows you to hand select your order.  There are options for print size and picture products, such as shirts, stickers, even mini Instagram books.  Finally ordering and seeing the quality of their products made me more enthusiastic about Instagram and taking more photos that way.

One of the many reasons for my market posts is my appreciation for well-designed packaging.

Sturdy, simple, and exciting, like opening a present on Christmas.

Seriously, little picture treasures in a box.

In my next Details post, I’ll show what I did with my prints.  Such a good Market this week.


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