For my birthday in May, Bryan bought me tickets to the play Wicked in Seattle this October at the Paramount Theater.  I have always and will always love musicals (and pretty much all theater).  As a little girl, I attended the Lewiston High School production of West Side Story and fell head over heals in love.  Ashley and I used to watch the movie Grease on repeat and I even own the hilariously horrible movie Grease 2.  One night years ago, I came home to find my DVD of Mamma Mia! delivered on my doorstep and hurried inside jumping on my couch while I sang and urged my roommate to watch it with me.  I’ve see the Lion King, West Side Story and Grease at what was once called the Spokane Opera House.

And Bryan loves me for that – he’s watched Mamma Mia!, Across the Universe, and even West Side Story with me.  He lets me listen to the Wicked soundtrack in the car and never gets mad when I just need to watch West Side Story again (and again).   Needless to say, it was the best birthday present ever and one of the biggest surprises.

We drove over Friday and made reservations at the Paramount Hotel right down the block from the theater.  I stayed there as a teenager and love it so so much.  Its location is convenient and we parked our car Friday and didn’t have to use it again once until we left on Sunday.

When we first got to Seattle, I had to take Bryan to Lil’ Woody’s on Capitol Hill.  The best burgers and fries and queso I have ever tasted.

Then we shopped, Bryan’s quite the saint I must say.  After shopping, it was Happy Hour in our hotel’s sushi lounge.  We drank kaffir lime and lemongrass vodkas for rock bottom prices.

The next day was for visiting the Seattle Science Center and the King Tut exhibit.  Bryan’s parents went to it in the 70s when it last toured the United States and since it is supposedly its last tour, we had to go.  That’s one of my favorite things about Seattle – I’ve been an innumerable amount of times and never get bored or run out of new things to see.

I don’t remember ever going to the Seattle Science Center before.  I pet a Madagascar hissing cockroach, spoke with some hungry ducks in the pond surrounding the whole area, and took some adorable photo booth pictures with Bryan.  King Tut was breathtaking and overwhelming, and I am so grateful we took the time to see the exhibit, but I am also very grateful Bryan and I were in agreement that those self-guided tour headphones they sell at museums are the worst and make everyone wandering idiots.  We opted to read the exhibit and float around at will.

We spent the rest of Saturday food touring, trying Beecher’s mac and cheese, borscht, and piroshkys.  Then it was time to get ready for dinner and the show.

Dressed all fancy, we ate sushi and pork belly with plum sauce and sipped cocktails before heading to Wicked!

The theater was packed and the set was stunning before the curtain even rose.

Wicked is the story of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  It follows her and the Good Witch during their school days when they were friends and basically explains why the Wicked Witch was Wicked in the first place.  As Glenda the Good Witch says in the beginning…”was she born wicked?  Or did she have wickedness thrust upon her?”  I mean, the poor girl was born green.  It was so wonderful and such a treat to get to experience the performance.  Wicked has been a hit since it premiered in 2003 and there is no way to see it except in the theater.  There is a movie coming out in 2014, but I couldn’t wait that long.


One more thing off of my 30 by 30 list!  If you ever get a chance to see Wicked, good god, don’t miss out.


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