Holiday, Celebrate!

Going home for the holidays has been a mixed bag for the last many years.  This is partially due to my own anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, but this years’ Thanksgiving was so fulfilling.  I needed my heart to feel full.  I needed my stress to melt away as I drank wine amongst friends and family.  I needed this holiday more than I realized as I drove to Lewiston Wednesday night.

I had to work right up until the end of the day Wednesday, so I packed everything ahead of time.  That may sound like I hauled 8 suitcases of stuff to Lewiston, but really it was all of the groceries for dinner Thursday.  My dad’s birthday landed on Thanksgiving this year, so I volunteered to make the big family dinner at his house.  This meant schlepping groceries to Lewiston because you can’t beat Winco prices.  I even brought roasting pans, my big mixing bowls, and my apron.  I was quite proud of my orderly exit.

Wednesday night was full of friends and games and wine.  I stayed up much too late and woke up around seven on Thanksgiving.  I wanted to get a super jump on the day since this was my first time and I didn’t want to screw anything up.  My dad has a beautiful view off of his porch.  We drank hot coffee and prepped the turkeys while I loved on the big dogs and gave Dad his birthday present!


I loved cooking in Kathy’s kitchen.  It felt good to bring family and friends back into the house.  Kathy’s parents came over, and my Grandpa Dick.  We had neighbors over, friends from Moscow, Ashley and her family including her brothers.  My parents were there, my brother and his girlfriend.  It was so perfect.  Everything was laid back, relaxed, comfortable.


I thought I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off but I still managed to talk to everyone and cook for 18 people.  I also kept up with dishes and clean up so that I could actually relax after dinner.


The boys played football and the men watched football inside.  I loved hearing the kids play in the yard, especially now that Jack is running around like I’ve never seen before.  Holidays are always more complete with kids about.


Jack hit it hard while we ate dinner.  We all relaxed afterwards and sang Happy Birthday to Dad, while those with room had a pick of pie and cake.  The rest of the night was full of clean up and leftover divvying.  I was out like a light by 9 pm and I slept like baby.

The rest of the weekend was just as good as Thanksgiving.  I went to a certain vampire movie’s final installment with the girls (and Lance) and hung out with Morgan since she was in Lewiston as well.  Saturday, Ashley and I went shopping with Mom and it was the best way to end the vacation!


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