Warm and Toasty Feelings

I already received (and ate, with Bryan’s help) a popcorn trio tin.  You know, the divided containers with holiday scenes on the side.  With buttered, cheese, and caramel popcorn inside?  Yeah, gone.  And let the jolly holidays begin!  Now we eat fudge and snowball cookies from Bryan’s mom while I plan my own treats to give out this year.

I welcome the winter buckle down.  The other day, I was thinking about the drastic seasons where I live, the difference between summer and winter, the transition in fall and spring.  Summer really is the wind up, the buzz, the push to fit in every beam of sunshine, every chance to sit in the front lawn, every possibility to swim, every afternoon that can be taken off work.

But winter is the buckle down.  Working harder at my job than I ever have before, babysitting for the extra dough, writing more, reading more, cooking more.  It’s such a process – the wind up of summer and the decompress of the winter.  I need them both so much and am learning every year how to take full advantage of the change.


Crisp mornings, going to breakfast with Bryan and drinking warm, strong coffee.


Decorating lightly around our little house and wrapping presents to put under our tiny Charlie Brown tree.


Planning our holidays with both families and making list after list for Christmas baking.

The joys of the season, for sure.


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