Things seemed to be slowing down, maybe even falling into a rut.  I thought the plague of the 20s was real, and maybe it still could be.  But the point is, as often happens to a jaded young woman, the tide changes, the sun reflects off newly fallen snow, and I feel different.


Driving to Lewiston with Bryan.


I have a thing for cocktail napkins especially still-sealed vintage sets with cute, dressy foxes.

Being fancy with wine, thanks to Ashley and our Costco raspberries.

Babysitting Beck and having trouble believing how fast he grows and how smart he is.  Makes the idea of being a parent seem even more daunting.


Meat, olive, cheese, and honeycomb plates at Nectar in Moscow.  Such a wonderful holiday treat.


Deep fog at work this week while everyone was gone on vacation.  Campus was dead.  Can’t wait for Spring semester to start and the hubbub to begin!


Christmas cards from some dear friends that brought many smiles.  Exchanging mail with friends warms my soul, forever and ever.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!  Onto the next >>>>>


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