What Happiness Looks Like

This is a special edition of What Happiness Looks Like because I am currently the MOST happy girl in the world.

Bryan asked me to marry him December 21.  He surprised me, the first time in my life I’ve ever been surprised.  He caught me in my yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt and asked me to marry him.  The ring was designed by him and made by the same man who made his parent’s ring.  It’s classic.  It’s beautiful.  It’s perfect.


We took this picture with a tripod and self-timer after getting fancy to go out to dinner after the proposal (I’m wearing the beautiful pearls my brother gave me after graduating college).   This, of course, took place after the bawling, the mascara smearing, the excitement and phone calls to a few people.  I had to get myself together!

Wedding plans are already in motion.  Our wedding parties are set, a dear friend is going to marry us, and we are an inch away from setting a date at a location.  For once, I’m planning something that brings me so much joy.  I want it to be a day for us all to celebrate and enjoy.  Then I can finally be married to this wonderful, wonderful man!


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