I cannot believe I am planning a wedding!  Things are going great and I’m surprised by how in sync Bryan and I are about what we want from our day.  I know it will be full of laughs and joy!

We already: found a photographer, started talks with the bartender, caterer, and cake maker, set a location and date, planned our save-the-dates and set a goal with our designer (aka Connie B!) for having them finished for me to print and mail, AND ordered one of our favors.  Oh yeah, and the guest list is pretty much primo.

I’m not sure how ridiculous I am being by starting the preparation now, but I don’t care.  Just like everything else in my life, I intend to be organized so that the closer I get to my wedding, the less needs to be done (instead of the opposite).  Training for my dream world where I get to be a professional organizer, paid for my true talent.

While other things in my life are continuing on as usual, everything feels brighter and more alive.  I spend a lot of time stifling my excitements because I feel silly about it but I get to be excited about this and that is….well….exciting.

That’s my report.  Bryan and I just went through a few details that I needed his approval on (because I won’t make a wedding decision without him) and even though this is a low budget, sort-of-small wedding, something about planning it still makes me feel over the top glamorous.


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