A Whirl of Wind

Sometimes dead air is necessary to re-group and learn to process things in a new way.  I’m feeling enthusiastic, having finally ordered the desk of my dreams and excited to start some creative projects for my own sanity.  All of which will be documented here, trust me.  But for now, my laptop is nestled wherever it was last used, often tucked underneath bridal magazines or slid underneath our couch to clear coffee table space for Skipbo games with Haley.  It’s hard to create without the proper space, and blogging, writing, reading have all fallen by the wayside as I plan the wedding and we prepare for other exciting newness (more to come on that).  So for now, just to let you know I’m still out here, a few moments of graphic clarity in my life.

I absolutely adore the design of Barry M’s nail polish bottles.  So stylish and sophisticated.


Our fifth annual Boys Club Prom was February 9 and it was just as much fun as every other year before, no matter how much things continue to change.   I love these people with all of my heart (including those not pictured, duh) and even though this is one of the few pictures from the night (which I admittedly had to steal from a friend’s Instagram), it shows we are happy and young and in love.


Finally, my day was made yesterday with this pic from Ashley of little Jack babe and her kitty Walter.  I love this boy and cannot wait for him to be the ring bearer at our wedding.  He will be so handsome and wonderful, just like his papa!


2 thoughts on “A Whirl of Wind

  1. What a great picture of pure cuteness.I also like that Jack has nail polish on.My nephew used to want his nails polished too.

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