Boys Club Prom

Here I am, sitting at my new desk feeling complete once again.  I haven’t had a home desk since 2010 and it was a horrible piece of furniture to begin with – my life was simply better without it.  But then I looked, and shopped, and looked and saved and shopped and looked some more.  Then I waited, and saved some more, and then shopped some more.  Do you see a pattern?  I gave this way too much thought, but that’s how important it was to me.  So….let me rephrase that first sentence…

Here I am, sitting at my perfect desk feeling motivated again.

Onto the subject at hand.  I finally got to looking through the pictures I took at Boys Club Prom.  The pictures from that night are eerily still not up on Facebook, which makes me think they were all just like mine – blurry, inappropriate, and unattractive.  Imagine my camera had beer goggles, and that would be these pictures.

So I decided to post a picture of me from each Boys Club Prom.  Year 2 and Year 5 seem to be the years lacking in photos which is hilarious given there is always a backdrop and many of us with cameras.  An homage to Boys Club Prom.


Year 1.  Morgan and I.  Blake House.  Wore my old prom dress from high school.


Year 2.  Connie, Nick, me, and Bryan.  Blake House.  Wearing a short polka dot prom dress that I wore for the next 2 years of prom.


Year 3.  Ashley, Caetlyn and me.  House on C Street.  Polka Dot dress.


Year 4.  Me!  Abby/Claire/Thad’s apartment above wine shop.  Polka dot dress.


Year 5.  Liz and me.  House on Homestead.  Black dress with Connie’s black lace veil.

Until next year!


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