Happier at Home

You know all of those online links about being happier at home?  I always read them, hoping to find some new nugget of knowledge and wisdom about how to be this perfect amazing woman at home.  But alas, I find that I already practice all of the lessons given.  So I decided to round up the main tips for others who want to maximize the quality of their time at home.

1.  Make your bed.

Every day, after showering and getting ready, I go into our room and make the bed.  This makes our room clean, in my eyes.  Granted, we both hate top sheets, so making my bed involves fluffing pillows and one whoosh of the down comforter, and I am done.  But it definitely makes a difference.

2.  Tidy up when you’re done/bring every room back to starting point.

I’ve heard this stated many different ways, but the main message is: put away what you use, throw away what you’re done with, clean up when you’re finished.  A lot of people need a mess – my desk at work looks like a recycling bin with the amount of paperwork, coffee cups, and gum wrappers littered about.  And that’s part of my workflow.  But as long as you confine it to a place that doesn’t see regular traffic, like an office or extra room, the mess can stay.

3.  Sentimentality.  

Pictures, trinkets, notes from friends.  It’s important for the things around your house to make you happy.  Being happy at home is not always about having an interesting art print or themed design for every room.  Every morning, I wake up and see my mom’s senior picture hanging on my wall and smile.  I keep a large mirror in my makeup drawer because it was Kathy’s and it makes me happy.  I never use it, but it will never be anywhere but that drawer.  Positive memories matter and make a huge difference.  Every morning, I wake up and see my mom’s senior picture hanging on my wall and smile.

4.  Gratitude journal.

We’ve heard it all before, “keep a gratitude journal.”  But let’s be real, sometimes doing something like that can feel so hokey and forced.  What really matters is to think in your head the things you are grateful for.  You will feel the same mental benefits while not putting pressure on thinking up something trite like “I’m thankful for this sunny day” just to be able to write it down.  And really, some days just aren’t grateful days.  And that’s okay too.  My whole purpose for wanting a peaceful home is to make those ungrateful days better.

5.  Call at least one family or friend every day.

This is the one tip I read and absorb, knowing that making that extra effort would make me much happier at home.  Because the only thing missing from under this roof is every single person I love.  And reaching out more often would make me feel warm despite not being under the same roof or next door to them.


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