I unexpectedly get to cross something off of my 30 by 30 list.  Finding a puppy soul mate.  And she is definitely it.


Bryan surprised me when he found Pearl.  She was in the Spokane Valley, one of the puppies of two shelties that were family pets.  Her two blue eyes and blue/red merle color pattern made her pop out to Bryan.


After we picked her up in Spokane, we drove to Coeur d’Alene to show his parents and introduce Pearl to all of their dogs.  She was so timid but friendly to them and even copied them by going to the bathroom in the yard.  She slept the whole way home in the car with me and then continued to sleep the rest of the night.


We kennel her every night and she doesn’t make a fuss for more than 30 seconds.  My dad mentioned being anti-kennel because he worries they feel too confined.  And his dogs are enormous beautiful monsters so I can imagine their kennels would end up being the size of small houses to accomodate them.  But Pearl is just a babe, and her mom is only 20 lbs. so we anticipate her big wire kennel will suit her for a long time.


In just two weeks, I have noticed her grow in extraordinary ways.  It frightens me to have children!  How baby animals develop, especially so fast, amazes me every day.  I don’t remember ever having a tiny puppy to take care of, so this is a constant learning experience.  I’m learning the basics of not leaving anything on the floor for her to chew (including my feet), taking her outside every time she even looks at us, and playing with her until she wipes herself out and sleeps.


She’s a biter and rough houser.  But she keeps it gentle when people are over; she doesn’t quite go at their ankles like mine.  She herds us when we are outside, like the good sheep dog she is deep down, and we still haven’t leashed her when we take her on walks.


She’s learning and I’m learning.  I definitely love older dogs, but it’s a new experience having a puppy and I am so happy to finally be a dog owner.  The thought that she will be my dog for a long time is a big commitment, one that is more apparent than even Bryan and I getting married this year.  But I think I won the puppy lottery with this one!  Now all of my friends can quit worrying that I’ll kidnap their amazing dogs.


One thought on “Pearl

  1. Pearl is beautiful.You are so day I will have another dog,but we need a back yard.I think dogs like to be cozy in their kennels,they feel safe there.Congrats to you two!

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