Dogs and Summer

Never before has summer been so palpable for me as a full-time worker.  Usually, I hear my student friends excited for their freedom and think ruefully about the fact that I don’t get summers off.  But this summer’s different.  I think I’m used to my working status now, appreciative for my day-to-day and learning to make the most of my weekends.  Working for the weekend, just like generations before me.



(Pearl helping Bryan read Bon Appetite, and he’s wearing shorts!)

Still, with responsibility comes a greater appreciation for things I never thought I’d care about.  Like our dog, or a comfortable home, a lawn mowed for the first time, weeding my garden.  I love this growing up thing, I think.  Because even as I grow up or change, all of the old me is still there.  We really are like fine wines.



(My view most evenings, Bryan and Pearl rolling around)

The busy season is upon me but then it ends so fast, leaving the beginning of summer quite anticlimactic.  Two of my best friends leave for China for six weeks right after school is out, and a huge transition at work comes June 1.  But then engagement parties and bridal showers and wedding planning will ensue, maybe even with Pearl’s first summer camping trips thrown in there, and I’ll finally get in the groove.



(Waking us up every day at 5 am.  My new favorite alarm clock)



(Cherry trees blooming behind our house)

IMG_1356(Lots of colors in my bed.  Pillowcase from the amazing Thief and Bandit)

Now I must get back to my 90s pop Pandora station while I sweep, mop, do laundry, and wash windows.   xoxo



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