Market: Tattly

I visited Tattly for the first time about a year and a half ago.  They have the cutest temporary tattoos that I fought tooth and nail to avoid buying up their whole stock upon my first visit.  As time went by, I realized that their temporary tattoo selections change as they bring in new artists from all areas to design for them.  Near my birthday last year, they began offering a 6 month subscription where they would send you a sampling of their most current designs once a month.  I decided to take my birthday money and splurge, and it was so worth it.



Most of the tattoos I’ve used in fits of depression where I just needed something new.  Some of them I pull out during BBQs so we can tattoo each other with wet paper towels. I send them out to friends in letters, a visual and almost existential treat, as they help you imagine yourself differently.  I’m a firm believer in the freedom to tattoo and be tattooed without stereotype or stigma.  I have four permanent tattoos but getting one in plain sight is a commitment I just can’t make.  So a fake one on my wrist is fun to me, a journey into what I could be like with a little courage.

IMG_2113There are animal tattoos, some more whimsical than others.

IMG_2114Kitchen utensils and a random yay!  Most of these kitchen utensil tattoos I would gladly permanently have.

IMG_2115Some are very colorful, and some mimic real jewelry like the friendship bracelet above.

IMG_2116Others are just very trendy or simple.  The arrows being trendy, the flowers being simple.  I particularly adore the flower one.

IMG_2118I especially love that many of these can be cut apart to allow for multiple matching temporaries with other people.

IMG_2105It’s a simple thing, really.  Fake tattoos, something we bought for a quarter in those plastic egg machines at Kmart that usually had death metal band logos or electric neon butterflies in swarms, are something that I never equated with good design.  But finding Tattly changed my mind about that.  I could be so bold as to say it’s almost like haute couture in the sense that it’s wearable art.  So there’s a market post that spans six months of collecting inspiration in my mailbox once a month from Tattly.





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