Part of my 30 by 30 list was to document each birthday for the next five years with a picture every hour.  This is 26.


7:30 a.m.  They let me sleep in.

IMG_15198:30 a.m. Bryan made me breakfast and coffee.

IMG_15209:30 a.m.  Admiring my birthday presents to myself, new plants.

IMG_152110:30 a.m.  Bryan got me a juicer and I plan on turning orange from carrot juice.

IMG_152311:30 a.m.  Driving to Lewiston.

IMG_152412:30 p.m.  Sharp’s Drive-Thru, an eye in the willow.  I notice it every time.

IMG_15251:30 p.m.  Back in Moscow.  New porch flowers from Bryan’s mom.

IMG_15262:30 p.m.  A carrot cake birthday cake from Wheatberries Bake Shop in Moscow, owned by two of our friends who are making our wedding cake!  A birthday cake I know was made with love.

IMG_15273:30 p.m.  Pearl always wants to play.

IMG_15314:30 p.m.  Reading the most inspirational and motivational book ever, a recommend from a co-worker.  New girl crush on Twyla Tharp, that’s for sure.

IMG_15345:30 p.m.  First juice!

IMG_15376:30 p.m.  Hilarious birthday cards from Bryan and his sister, and an invitation to our engagement party in June.

IMG_15387:30 p.m.  A purple tulip Bryan picked for me, plus a new vase I picked up at Goodwill in Spokane.

IMG_15408:30 p.m.  Happy Birthday sung to me by Bryan and Pearl.

This was the most low key birthday ever, which is exactly what I wanted since we were both able to take this middle-of-the-week vacation.  Most importantly, the cake was delicious and I’m so lucky to have these talented young people contributing to our wedding day.


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