Graduation 2013

Last weekend, some more of my dear friends graduated college.  Haley and Bri earned their Bachelors Degree but Haley still has Graduate school here.  Bri – well Bri’s heading back to Boise.  And I knew this day was going to come someday, just like when Meredith moved, when Emily moved, when Jimmy moved, even when Ashley wasn’t living blocks away from me anymore.  Eventually, the list will be so long, it won’t even be worth mentioning anymore.


(Bri in her beautiful graduation dress and party hat)

To celebrate, as we are often doing anyways during graduation weekend, Bryan and I hosted a barbecue.  Haley’s family was in town from Pocatello, and since her and Connie were leaving for China that Monday, I was insistent on soaking up friend time.  It was one of our best barbecues and the perfect way to finish yet another year in Moscow.



At one point, I had a thought as I was surrounded by friends – the ones who have lasted or resisted leaving or left and came back – we are all going to leave eventually.  My thoughts spread to all of “Boys Club”, as I like to generalize to make this all that much easier.  I’m moving towards the end of another stage of life, allowing for an intense amount of reflection.  This is me stepping back, taking in where I’ve been, what we’ve built, and what will happen next.  Maybe my instincts as a writer will come in handy to get me through these times.


(They are so damn photogenic together, Haley & Sal)

Some of us are already 30 years old.  Some of us are married, or getting married, some had kids and disappeared.  Some of us will have kids and not disappear.  Some of us don’t even go to college and won’t ever need to.  But the point is, it won’t be much longer before we aren’t 20-something-college-kids-or-anything-like-it.


So there we were, near extinction.  Laughing, drinking vodka and beer and white wine and red wine.  Some of us were dressed up from attending graduation.  Some of us were in jean shorts and sandals.  We all had sunglasses on.  Everyone had a seat, the grass, camp chairs, bar stools, front porches.  And we all had something to celebrate.

IMG_2168(Eric, who also graduated, Nick and Connie)




(Pivot, just as much a member of Boys Club as any of us)


(Matt’s laugh.  He made a visit between South America & Maine, what a tease!)


(Tim on our roof at dusk.)

I’m not saying the celebrations are over, because I believe you create your reality and I like to create celebrations all of the time.  I also believe change is as inevitable as death and taxes.  So I’ll allow it, but not without enjoying what we have now.


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