Elaine Benes, style icon

It’s no secret that I love Seinfeld and I always have.  When I was a kid, the nights with Seinfeld and Friends were my favorite nights.  Last Christmas, Bryan got all of the seasons on DVD for Christmas and we have already watched them through numerous times since.  The humor is smart, the characters are rich, the actors are fantastic (except for Jerry Seinfeld himself, who was never an actor).  I’m still able to watch an episode and find humor in something I never noticed before.

One thing I’ve learned as an adult watching Seinfeld is that I am very much like Elaine Benes –  the way she expresses herself, her sensitivity but also self-assurance, as well as her interests at work (writing and publishing).  And Elaine really is the perfect addition to this cast of boys.  I’ve seen in specials on the show that the writers were told to write Elaine like they would a man.  This broke down so many gender stereotypes that were happening in popular culture at the time – Elaine talked about sex, she didn’t let people walk all over her, and she wasn’t afraid to push people’s buttons.

I mentioned before that I love the show Friends, but one thing I’ve never liked about Friends is the wardrobe.  Some of the things the women wear are so ugly, so unrealistic given their budgets and generally very costume-like for a show about 20, 30 year old friends living in middle class New York City.  The difference with Seinfeld is that everyone’s wardrobe reflects their status in a very real way – Elaine wears things more than once, and is often dressed in work wear, which adds extra humor because she seems to be the hardest working of the four characters.

The last time I watched Seinfeld, I started to make notes on Elaine’s outfits.  Sure, she sometimes wears white socks with oxfords, which no one would do now.  But her fashion translates, and I love it more than most wardrobes of women on television during that time.

Floral Skirts

Elaine 1

Elaine 2

Elaine 4

Elaine 6

Workout Clothes

Elaine Workout 3

Elaine Workout 2

Elaine Workout 1


Elaine 5

Elaine 3

I may have a lot in common with the character Elaine’s personality, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a babe that cannot be matched.





2 thoughts on “Elaine Benes, style icon

    1. I’m obviously much too busy watching reruns of a show I’ve seen millions of times to watch anything new. haha but seriously, I just got my grandparent’s HBO Go information, so I’ll be getting on that ASAP! Thanks for the recommend 🙂

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