The Art of Music

Memorial Day weekend was just right.  I shopped all day Saturday by myself, for the first time in my life!  We drove to Coeur d’Alene on Friday night and then Saturday, I hopped in my car to head to Spokane for the day.  It was amazing and also very relaxing, floating from store to store, trying on things at my leisure, not having to keep tabs on anyone.  I met Grandpa Pat, Bryan’s mom’s dad, who lives in Alaska.  He is such a funny old guy, an ex-marine, dog lover, hilarious.  Sunday, we booked our hotel for our honeymoon and cleaned the house.  Monday, we frolicked all day and Bryan smoked the most incredible spareribs.  Pretty, pretty, pretty good.  I also checked a lot of things off of my to-do list, including hanging my new office art.


One of the best benefits of working at the School of Music – people drop off ancient sheet music to be donated all of the time.  I never really sorted through it, but this last batch had some gems on the top that made me go digging.  Some of them have such strong innuendoes for conservative times back then.  I guess it just proves the music industry was always edgy and on the fringe.

IMG_2203I decided to hang them gallery style so each piece stood out on its own.  They really bring a neatness to the room that it never possessed before – it was always the odds and ends room until I started using it as my office.

IMG_2205Some people find it odd to see the artistic value of these pieces, especially for musicians who either want them for playing and practicing, or who think they are old and worthless.  They laughed a lot seeing me on the floor in my office with stacks of music around me, digging, finding the most naughty with the best artwork.  But it definitely paid off.

IMG_2201Some have great combinations of color.  Others I picked for their hilarious illustrations or bland palettes.  Really, my creativity is all instinctual – if it looks good enough to me to pull out of the stack, then it’s good enough.  Only after later analysis do I discover the ones I love enough to put on my wall.

IMG_2197“Everybody’s Doin’ it Now”, “You’ve Got Me in the Palm of Your Hand”, lonely women waiting for a man to come along and sweep her off her feet, giggling girls with rosy cheeks and that 20’s independence that women from some eras just didn’t possess.  Its a beautiful inspiration to see every day.


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