Provided by nature

As of late, I am equally appreciative of both man-made and natural blessings.  We got new carpet in our living room, and the dog is growing.  The garden is planted, and my wedding dancing dress has arrived and is wonderful. Save the dates are sent out, and I have basil growing like crazy in my kitchen window.  I’m completely content with this balance, since our world is stuck between man and nature constantly.

IMG_1582I took Pearl to work for the morning we were getting new carpet.  I am so lucky to be in a relaxed workplace where this kind of thing would be tolerated so graciously.  I had to take her on a few walks but otherwise she did pretty well.  I definitely won’t be doing it again anytime soon (code for never ever ever ever).

The campus has some wonderful hidden beauty.  I’m truly not certain whether these are flowers or weeds, but look how pretty!  I was impressed at least, until Pearl stormed up and peed all over them.

IMG_1585And a hidden secret-garden-type-trail-to-narnia-but-really-just-a-dirt-trail????  Awesome.  I love walking on campus and finding these secrets.

IMG_1575She jumps on the coffee table now, and then gives me this face –

IMG_1551I also have to have a toy on hand at all times.

Planning my wedding has not only pulled on a lot of my creative bones but also brought a new focus into my life that I realize I desperately needed.  An outlet, maybe even just a project.  But regardless, I’m now planning for the inevitable that eventually the wedding will be over and I’ll have to harness this energy in a new way, hopefully one just as fulfilling.

On another note, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how life is all about curation, whether you express your art by a journal that no one reads or a Pinterest board that only your best friends looks at (both me).  We collect, we exchange, we discuss, we form opinions and team up with those that share their thoughts with us.  We laugh a lot, my friends and I.  We like good looking things and the love of each other.  We all read for fun and ride bikes and play kickball sometimes.  We all like to drink, barbecue, go to the movies.  We love music and good food, learning new things and challenging old things.  This all inspires and provokes thought.  And really, all of life is art to me because the other alternative is routine, jobs, responsibilities and that is entirely pointless and boring.






2 thoughts on “Provided by nature

  1. Gosh darnit, you’re so right all of the time. I miss everyone, and I’m coming back soon(ish). Can’t wait to see your smilin’ face.

  2. Ugh… I hate China! They won’t let me look at any of the pictures… but i’m still pumpt that they let me read your blog at all! Miss you love.

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