Engagement Party

I’m still here!  The last weeks have been full of wedding planning, organizing my house with much needed spring cleaning, gardening, and what is turning out to be quite a lovely summer.

Last weekend, Bryan’s family hosted an engagement party for us.  We wanted to bring the family and wedding party together and just enjoy the fact that a wedding is in the offing.  Even better, Bryan’s sister Katie and her parents went with a Hawaiian theme in honor of our honeymoon.  It was beautifully done and such an incredible time – I am so excited for the rest of our wedding shenanigans!

Even though the majority of my bridal party couldn’t make it (being in Portland & China is a bitch), it was nice to have Ashley, my maid of honor, there, representing the ladies.  Bryan’s best man and one of his groomsmen were able to make it too. My mom and brother were there with bells on!  Jud and Jack, the most handsome ring bearer in the world, drove up from Lewiston, and Bryan’s uncle and cousin were in town as well.

IMG_1656So even though this is a blurry, hand-me-down, photo, I had to post it because the cupcakes were to die for.  Katie got them at Temptations Cupcakes in Coeur d’Alene.  The flavors were Rocky Road and Lime-in-the-Coconut, both equally amazing, although the chocolate one almost makes your knees buckle.

IMG_2268Little Jack, rocking his Dad’s sunglasses.  I loved spending the day with this boy and his dad, and am so grateful they will be a part of the wedding.

IMG_2288Pearl being held by Katie in their leis.  This little pup was so good at the party – I love having her in large groups of people so she can get used to those situations.

IMG_2261Jack and Pearl ran and played in the yard so much.  The weather was perfect – seventy degrees, breezy, sunny.  We ate chicken skewers, pulled pork sandwiches, Bryan’s sesame chicken pasta salad, fruit, caprese appetizers, shrimp…I could go on and on.

IMG_2235I told Jack to go stand next to Drew so I could take a picture.  He proceeded to run all the way back to the fence to pose.  This is the outcome but it works right?  Drew and Jack are so funny, like two peas in a pod.  Love them both.

IMG_2211The best man, Jon, Bryan’s sister Katie, and of course Bryan!  I couldn’t believe all that Katie did to put this party together and am so excited to have her as a sister-in-law.

IMG_2349Katie’s boyfriend Joe and Nick, one of the groomsmen.  Bryan’s dad went all out making Hawaiian drinks from a cocktail book he bought on one of his many excursions there.  He even hallowed out some of the pineapples around to make us drinks.


IMG_2342I was teaching Jack how to use a camera and inadvertently taught him how to take selfies.  Sorry, but not sorry, because look how cute that face is!

I am feeling very blessed with my family and friends, and the time we get to spend together.  It made me really sad, missing Emily, Connie, and Haley, but we will be together soon enough again!  Maybe I’m just lucky to have friends that are like family and family that are like friends.  We certainly love each other, that can’t be denied.

IMG_1639Finally, two of the loves of my life.  You’d think Ashley was actually my sister and Judi’s daughter from this picture, but alas, we only adopted her into this wild mess a long long time ago.


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